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Three Technologies That Will Revolutionize Travel WiFi In 2021 And Beyond

A fundamental change is coming to travel, specifically how we stay connected on the go. COVID is having it’s impact on where we go, how we get there, where we stay and even what we do. That change, combined with the a revolutionary change in technology means travel WiFi will never be the same. In…
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January 7, 2021 0

What Is A Captive Portal

What Is A Captive Portal? If you are unfamiliar with captive portals, they are the popups you get that prompt you to login or provide additional information prior to using the Hotel, AirBnb or other locations WiFi. Captive portals are rarely used at most AirBnb’s. However, at most hotels they are common place. Very few…
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October 19, 2020 0

New Google Chromecast For Travel

Google recently announced its newest Google Chromecast, officially the ‘Chromecast with Google TV’. The new device is a significant departure from the previous Chromecast devices. It’s moves away from the app only mobile centric approach of the previous version of the device. The new Google Chromecast adds ‘Google TV’. This is Google’s recently rebranded effort…
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October 8, 2020 0

5 Shortcomings Of Existing Travel Routers

If you’ve heard about the advantages bringing a travel router along when traveling but have found the existing market confusing, highly technical or even failing to live up to it’s promises, you are not alone. While travel routers make up nearly 10% of the overall market for WiFi routers, they are not exactly designed for…
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September 8, 2020 0

Connect Sonos To Hotel WiFi

If you are like me, you’ve gone all in the Sonos ecosystem. Sonos has made whole home sound easier than ever with it’s internet connected speakers. My entire house is covered with Sonos speakers, including the deck, workout room, kitchen and even the garage (I’m a car nut). However, one place Sonos doesn’t work so…
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August 28, 2020 0

Cost Of Mobile Data By Country

While nearly everyone is concerned with the cost of mobile data, it’s of particular interest for users of hotspots and internet on the go. If you are a heavy data user and traveler, the cost of data per GB is a substantial consideration and factor. Recently UK based published a number of handy graphics…
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August 10, 2020 0

Connecting PS4, Nintendo Switch or XBox One To Hotel WiFi

Gaming consoles are more popular than ever, and the interest in taking them traveling has grown. As we’ve become more attached to our gaming consoles, we want them with us more often. Sony’s PS4 has sold 110 million units worldwide. XBox One has sold nearly 46 million units. Nintendo Switch has sold over 55 million;…
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July 16, 2020 0