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Go Travel Pro



WiFi Anywhere

Built in 4G LTE with integrated security.  Plus easy to use.

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Go Reach

$449.99 – Sale

Cell Booster and Hotspot Bundle

Get signal from the farthest cell towers with Go Reach by We Boost cellular booster.

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Cellular Hotspots

When you need to bring internet with you because there no WiFI is available or it’s not reliable enough to count on.

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Cellular Boosters

Reach the furthest away towers or maximize the performance you can achieve with a cellular booster.  Perfect for rural, mobile and power users who need the maximize their connection.

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Business Class Mobile Data Plans

Internet plans that keep you connected throughout the US, even as you change locations.  We feature data plans that are perfect for business on the go, audio or video conferencing, as well as live streaming.

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Travel Routers

When you need to connect or secure at locations that already have WIFi. Perfect for bringing smart and WIFi enabled devices with you when traveling.

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Accessories, spares or replacement items for your Go Connect products.

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Go Connect Makes It Easy

Easy To Use Mobile App

Our easy to use mobile app makes using your Go Connect so easy.  Get connected, see security status and share your WiFi connection.  No complicated setups or technical expertise required.

Security Is Included With Every Plan

SmartGo Plans Keep You Connected And Secure

SmartGo Plans

Always Free Shipping and a You will Love It Guarantee

Go Connect is simple, and we think you’ll simply love it.  That’s why we have a money back guarantee.  Plus always free shipping.

Product usually ships next business day from our warehouse near Atlanta, GA.

Money Back Guarantee Policy

Your Privacy, Always.

Want more?  No problem.  We take your privacy seriously.   We don’t seell your data to third parties.  In fact, our integrated smart security will keep your information private and secure.


Real Feedback From Real Users

Users were not paid for their testimonials.  Some comments were expressed by customers during free trial periods.  Comments may be tweaked for clarity.

It’s solid and slick… it’s easier to configure than my travel router that runs dd-wrt.  I can hand it to my wife with minimal instructions and expect it to work.

Kris N. (10/21)

It worked well in Gainesville which is usually a tough [place] to get service at.

Kelly A. (3/22)

Got the Go Connect.  Well Done!

Todd W. (12/21)

I have received my device and I’m loving the ease of it!

Michelle M. (11/21)

It was super easy to set up! I loved the parameters it gave suggesting a secure password because a lot of people don’t think to do that.

Nicole S. (1/22)

From initial setup, everything worked nicely!

Scott J. (1/22)

You can turn off the service when not using it that makes it less costly.

Customer Survey Response. (3/22)