Mobile Internet For Small Business

Reliable Internet For Mobile Small Businesses

Reliable internet is critical to any small business.  When your business is on the go, phone hotspots and traditional solutions just don’t cut it.  Only Go Connect provides simple, all in one solutions that help ensure you’re connected anywhere.

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A Smarter Hotspot

It takes more than just a connection to run your business.  Reliable internet when you need it takes the right tools.  Go Connect starts with a smarter hotspot.  It’s not only easy to use, it is constantly improving to make every situation better.  The result?  Reliable internet your business can count on.

Our smart hotspot devices start at just $99 and are never tied to any contracts.

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Coverage You Can Count On

A great hotspot needs great service.  Go Connect partners with multiple Tier 1 cellular companies to provide access.  The best part is, you don’t need to worry about picking the carriers.  Our device uses the best available carrier to provide maximum coverage.

Our plans never have any contracts or fees.

Check our real time coverage map based on actual testing.*

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Need More Coverage And Performance?

Find yourself in more rural areas where cellular coverage may be more unreliable?  Go Connect has simple bundles that includes antennas and boosters that can help you get coverage for your business in even the most difficult places.

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