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How To Determine If Your Mobile Internet Connection Is Fast Enough For Zoom or Teams

As part of Go Connect’s on going work to great the most reliable internet connection for video conferencing, particularly for Zoom and Teams, we’ve spent a substantial amount of time assessing what makes a “good” connection statistically. One thing we’ve learn through this process is users run a speed test and make their determination based…
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December 12, 2022 0

How Much Data Does Zoom And Microsoft Teams Consume?

Remote and Hybrid work has made Zoom and Microsoft Teams an every day part of our lives. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find yourself meeting with your doctors, your child’s parent or even talking with family over one of these video conferencing tools. It’s a great way to visually connect with people even when…
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November 1, 2022 0

Business Travel Near At Pre-Pandemic Levels

According to a news report from the Business Chronicle, citing Delta Airlines, business travel has rebounded to 80% of the pre-pandemic levels. This is fantastic news for businesses and industries that historically have relied on business travel. The trends exceeds expectations from the first half of 2022, where rebound in travel was expected to take…
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October 31, 2022 0