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On the road, on the go or always somewhere away from home.  Your business needs to be connected.  Go Connect can help.

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Designed For Video Conferencing

Business is done by video conference these days.  When traveling or nomading, it’s vital to have a reliable connection so you can continue to conduct business.

Go Connect is designed with video conferencing at the forefront of our minds.  From the right data plans that feature enough bandwidth to video conference all the time, to low latency to ensure a smooth, internactive connection.  It pairs with our smart hotspot that focus on the type of connection needed to keep you talking.

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Power Your Mobile Business

Go Connect’s business focused smart hotspots and data plans are designed to keep you operating.  Our focus is on providing the highest quality connections.  We feature prioritized access to major (Tier 1) network carriers enterpries networks and pair it with intelligent devices that help you get the most of our your connection.  

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Go Connect Products

Having a Go Connect is like having the ease, reliability and security of internet at your home or office, but portable.   The entire experience has been built around the simple concept of making WiFi on the go easier, more reliable and more secure.

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Go Travel Pro

Bring the internet with you no matter where you travel.  Work, stream or play with reliable and secure internet on the go.

Cellular Hotspot Router

SmartGo No Contract Data Plans

Internet plans feature coverage throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.  No contract so you can start and stop each month.  Plus no membership, signup or activation fees. 

No Contract Data Plans

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