The first and only travel WiFi products designed entirely for easy, reliable and secure use on the go.

Go Connect Products

Go Connect’s Go Travel and Go Travel Pro are the only travel routers and hotspots designed from up for travel. The entire experience has been built around the simple concept of making WiFi on the go easier, more reliable and more secure.

Go Travel

Travel Router

Go Travel Pro

Cellular Hotspot Router

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You’ll Take This Everywhere!

Easy To Use

So easy anyone can use it
I want easy!

Reliable Connections

Video conferencing, critical emails and streaming
i want reliable!

Always On Security

Makes any WiFi connection secure
i want secure!

Feels like home

Now you can stream, download, email and do everything else when traveling and on the go.  All the reliability and peace of mind you have about your WiFi at home.

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Existing device collecting dust?

Unlike your existing hotspot or travel router, you’ll never leave your Go Connect at home.  Now WiFi on the go can be easy, reliable and secure.

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Product Tip: Public WiFi Security At A Glance

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What Makes Go Connect Different

Go Connect Is Different?  How?  It’s Built Into Who We Are We built Go Connect to solve the problem with Travel WiFi – that most Travel WiFi devices aren’t really designed for[…]

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