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Tailgaters Guide To Cordcutting

If you joined the millions of America’s who have cut the cord, but also are an avid tailgater, fear not. It’s easier than ever to tailgate as a cordcutter. In our guide we’ll talk about what you need, where to get the channels you need for your favorite sports and a few tricks on how…
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June 7, 2021 0

Walmart Onn Streaming Devices For Travel

Walmart recently launched a “house brand” streaming stick to compete with the likes of Amazon’s Fire TV and Roku devices. The relatively quiet launch spread quickly throughout the internet. The move brings a new player to the already crowded, but increasingly polarized field of streaming devices and sticks. There is a lot to like about…
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June 2, 2021 0

Taking Your Favorite WiFi Devices On Vacation

Ever wanted to take your favorite smart or WiFi enable device with you on vacation, business trip or in your RV? As WiFi enabled devices become engrained in our lives, it’s not surprising we want to take our favorite devices with us when we go on vacation. The challenge you may experience is that may…
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May 26, 2021 0

Public vs. Semi-Private WiFi

Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, airports, Airbnb’s, coworking, convention centers, cellular networks, customer and vendor networks. The list goes on and on. The on-the-go WiFi we use when on the go is endless. The average user likely interacts with half a dozen different WiFi networks when traveling in a given year. And that number is growing.…
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May 17, 2021 0

Inflight WiFi Increasingly Important Post Pandemic

With travelers becoming increasingly attached to internet connectivity during the pandemic for entertainment and remote work, it’s not surprising that Inflight WiFi has become increasingly important. A recent survey by Inmarsat, however, puts in to context just HOW important. The study showed that 39% of respondents though Inflight WiFi was MORE important post COVID-19 than…
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May 13, 2021 0

Low Cost Travel Routers Found With Security Risks

At the end of 2020 Cybernews reported finding a number of inexpensive routers sold via and other channels had a major built in security risk. While travel routers are often promoted as being a way to better secure public WiFi when traveling, this discovery certainly brought about some red flags if you are considering…
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May 6, 2021 0

Go Connect AMA Answers

Go Connect recently hosted an “Ask Me Anything” (also known as an AMA) prior to our pre-sales. The goal was to answer any questions from those who have been following us. Our goal here at Go Connect was always to build a product that solved the travel WiFi needs of travelers. So many of the…
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May 5, 2021 0

Thursday Night NFL To Stream Exclusively On Amazon Prime in 2022

Amazon and the NFL announced today, which was also confirmed by Deadline Sports, that Thursday Night Football will move exclusively to Amazon Prime in 2022. Amazon was expected to the exclusive home starting in 2023. This new announcement moves the deal up to 2022. This means that 2021 will be the last year Thursday Night…
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May 3, 2021 0

Mini, Battery Powered Starlink Satellite Internet?

Travel WiFi enthusiasts have long wanted a small, portable Starlink Satellite device. I mean, lets be honest, who wouldn’t? Instead of worrying about cell signal or which carrier had the best service, you could have high speed internet literally anywhere. While Starlink and Elon Musk have begun moving towards making Starlink internet on the move…
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April 22, 2021 0

Go Connect Ask Me Anything

As Go Connect moves closer to opening our pre-sale and delivering devices, we wanted to take an opportunity to take with our supporters. So we are going to be hosting an “Ask Me Anything” this week. Not familiar with the concept of an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”)? They are pretty simple. It’s an opportunity for…
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April 21, 2021 0