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The Only Game From Anywhere Router

Go Connect is the only travel router designed specifically with gamers needs in mind.  Our device has exclusive technology to help minimize latency and response times, giving you the best possible gaming experience even on less than ideal WiFi networks.

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What You Need For Remote Gaming

Low Latency

Our device focuses on reliability over stats.  It’s the only one that can deliver lower latency and better response times.

Reliable Router

Every platform

Go Connect works with every gaming platform.  PC, Playstation, XBox, Switch, Steam, Epic Games or other any other console platform or gaming computer.

Secure Router

No Complicated Configuration

Works with any gaming platform that can connect to WiFi.  Simple and easy to use.  Go Connect takes care of the rest.

Easy To Use Router

Gaming Optimized Travel Routers and Hotspots

Go Travel

  • Lower Latency with SmartBoost
  • Get online fast with SmartConnect
  • Use your phone’s hotspot as a secondary source
  • High performance WiFi
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