Our Favorite Travel WiFi Memes – 2021 Edition

Our Favorite Travel WiFi Memes – 2021 Edition

April 2, 2021 Travel Blog Travel Gaming Travel WiFi Blog 0

Here is our latest collection of favorite Travel WiFi memes covering our love of hotel WiFi, needing to remember to connect to WiFi to avoid using up data and other favorites.

When The WiFi Isn’t Working

At least I can reconnect with nature. Wish my volleyball was more fun.

Downloads When Traveling Take Longer Than The Trip

But hey at least I can’t do anything else on this hotel WiFi either….

When You Expect Hotel WiFi To Be Good

But it’s a new hotel, how can the WiFi be this bad.

Forgetting To Connect To WiFi

That’s gonna be expensive….

Streaming Devices On Vacation

Using a streaming stick while traveling shouldn’t be this hard.

Default WiFi Password

When Every Device Asks For The WiFi Password

Every. Single. Time.

Gaming on Bad WiFi

And I thought bringing my XBox with me would make travel fun….

Out Smarting Premium Hotel WiFi

Chess, not checkers.

Safe WiFi Connection or Fast WiFi Connection

Why can’t we have both?

Resetting The Router Doesn’t Fix The WiFi

But it’s the fix for everything.

This Wall Has Free WiFi

Still better than my last Airbnb….

It’s Funny Because It’s True

While all of these are humorous, there is no question that using WIFi on the go is a less than stellar experience. Even many of the devices on the market like travel routers or cellular hotspots don’t really solve all of the issues. In some cases, they generate new ones like making you decide whether to use data.

The reality is you rare get fast, reliable, secure or easy internet when traveling. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Travel WiFi can be good without worrying every minute whether you are at risk or consuming all of your data.