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With Go Connect You Can Always Ensure You Have Internet, Anywhere

It’s like the WiFi at your home or office, but portable.

Go Connect does this by creating a private WiFI network for you and your devices.  We then add in the option of always on security, LTE and optimization to help ensure reliable WIFi on the go.

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* Some features require a subscription

Setup And Use Is Easy

You device is easy to setup and takes just a few minutes.  Install the Go Connect GoTravel App, connect to your private WiFi network and enter a few pieces of information.  

Connect Your Devices

Connect any devices you want to take with you to your private WiFi network.   Laptops, phones, tablets, streaming sticks, smart speakers, and so much more. Add more at any time. 

As you travel you won’t need to reconnect your devices.  You can even take devices that aren’t design for travel, like smart home devices.

Connect On The Go Using WiFi Or Cellular

Greate LTE coverage across the US, Canada and Mexico.  Or use WiFi at 1000s of locations like hotels, airports, Airbnbs, coffee shops, client sites or more.

* Cellular capabilities require a Go Travel Pro and SmartGo cellular plan

Integrated Security

All Go Connect SmartGo Plans feature integrated security so your information stays safe no matter what kind of connection you use when traveling. 

* Optional feature requires a subscription

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Go Travel Pro

The perfect hotspot to keep you productive, and entertained, while traveling on business.  Great LTE coverage, easy to use and secure.   All you need is a Go Travel Pro and add one of our great SmartGo Cellular plans and you’ll be traveling with internet in no time.

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Go Travel

All of the power of our Go Travel Pro, but without the built in LTE.  Secure any connection and get all of your devices connected quickly at hotels, Airbnbs, airports and other locations while traveling.  Plus easily bring your favorite WiFI enabled devices at home.  Perfect for those week long trips.

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Try It Risk Free

The Go Travel Pro comes with a 100% You’ll Love It money back guarantee.  You can also try our SmartGo data plan free for 14 days.  So find out why Go Connect is the perfect traveling WiFi solution risk free.

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Data Across The US, Canada and Mexico

Choose any SmartGo plan and enjoy LTE coverage throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.  Always with no contracts.  

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Award Winning Ease Of Use

Go Connect is so ease to use our mobile app was named Best Travel and Best Internet Service Provider for 2021.

Bring All Of Your Favorite Devices When You Travel

Bring all your favorite devices with you as you travel for business.  Go Connect makes it easy to bring any of these devices and still move easily between locations.  Be more productive, or simply have more fun when traveling.

Smart Speakers

Sonos (all models)
Apple Home Pod
Nest Audio
Amazon Echo

Streaming Sticks

Roku and Roku TVs
Amzon Fire TV/Fire Stick
Google Chromecast
Onn Streaming
Google TV/Android TV


Playstation 4/5
XBox One/One X
Nintendo Switch
Gaming Laptops
Gaming PCs

Smart Assistants

Google Assistant
Apple Homekit/Siri
Amazon Alexa

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The only Smart Travel WiFi device, great plans, integrated security, and ease of use not enough?  Don’t worry, we’ve got more.

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