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Go Travel


The easy to use, business enhancing, everything securing travel device.  It doesn’t make business WiFi on the go better, it makes your whole team more productive.

Go Travel

Go Travel Pro


Reliable connections when you need it with WiFi + LTE.  Makes business on the go easy because you never have to worry about connection reliability, security or getting your team connected.

Go Travel Pro

Reliable WiFi When It Matters

For critical video conferencing and emails

WiFi enhancing SmartBoost can help ensure that client video conference goes smooth when on the road.  And when you just have to send that proposal, ensure the email gets delivered.

Secures Any Connection

Any public or semi-private WiFi is now a secure WiFi connection

Go Connect’s Integrated SmartSecurity means any hotel, airport, conference center or coffee shop is a secure WiFi connection.  

Easy To Use And Share

Connect Your Entire Team

Our easy to use mobile app makes it fast and easy to get connected.  Plus you can quickly share your WiFi or LTE connection with coworkers, clients and more.  

WiFi + LTE

Easily use public WiFi or LTE

You can ues public WIFi locations such as hotels and client sites.  Or use LTE.  Or both for a faster and more reliable connection.  Go Connect will automatically use the best connection.

Business Travel Optimized Hotspots and Routers

Go Travel

  • Easy To Use And Share WiFi Connections
  • WiFi Enhancing SmartBoost
  • Integrated SmartSecurity Makes Any Connection Secure
  • Longer Range
Go Travel