Streaming Overtakes Broadcast TV

Streaming Overtakes Broadcast TV

September 30, 2021 Family Internet Travel Blog 0

As reported in the Hollywood Reporter, Nielsen this summer released updated streaming metrics. Unsurprisingly the pandemic fueled growth in streaming is taking it to new heights. Streaming usage nearly doubled from April 2020 to April 2021. In the last year streaming has overtaken broadcast networks in terms of TV time usage.

These numbers are not a surprise, but what is even more interesting is that streaming is expected surpass cable TV around the end of 2021 or 2022. That’s right, by early next more time will be spent on streaming than either broadcast or cable TV.

Today nearly 1/3 of all time spent in front of TVs is via streaming apps. An this only accounts for time in front of TV, not other forms of streaming such as on phones or tablets.

Netflix alone accounts for nearly 7% of all time spent in front of TVs.

By 2024, it’s estimated that streaming platforms will have amassed 210 million subscribers, which represents a staggering number of consumers and a major shift in media habits,

Kevin Rini, SVP Product Management at Nielsen

Streaming Service Usage Breakdown

The services that make up the streaming usage are broken down by:

ServicePercentage of StreamingPercentage of Total TV Usage
YouTube (including YouTube TV)23%6%
Hulu (including Live TV)12%3%
Amazon Prime8%2%
HBO Max< 3%< 1%
Paramount+< 3% < 1%
Peacock< 3% < 1%
Apple TV+< 3% < 1%
Discovery+< 3% < 1%

What The Streaming Shift Means For Travelers

For travelers the continued shift towards streaming means there is a significant change in how TV and entertainment are consumed. The shift not only in total time to streaming, but that nearly half of all streaming comes from services other than Netflix, Youtube and Hulu means your next Airbnb, Hotel Internet TV or other accommodation may not have all of your desired services.

In addition to the demand for more streaming connectivity when traveling in all forms, the move towards streaming has driven demand for internet connectivity while traveling. Travel WiFi has quickly moved up the list of most important things to have.

The good news is that it is easier than ever to take your favorite streaming stick with you. Not only will you gain access to a lot more streaming platforms than you would using provided internet TVs at hotels and Airbnbs, it’s also a lot more secure.