Easy, Reliable, Secure RV WiFi

Go Connect products are the only devices designed from the ground up for travel.  Our RV specific solutions make getting WiFi when travleing with your RV easy, reliable and secure.

Travel WiFi Products

Easy Enough For Anyone To Use

Easy to setup and use

WiFi + LTE

Use RV park WiFi, cellular or both

Go Connect will use free WiFi at RV parks and other locations, cellular when no WiFi is available or both automatically.  Always have a fast, reliable connection.

Powerful Enough For All Your Devices

Phones, Tablets, Streaming Sticks and Smart Home Devices

Take all of your digital comforts from home with you in your RV easily.

Every Connection Is Secure

Automatically secures any WiFi connection

Our integrated SmartSecurity will automatically secure public, semi-private and LTE connections.

What You Need For Your RV

Easy To Use

Quicky and easily connect to RV park WiFi or with our optional cellular devices connect to fast reliable mobile data.  Or both.  

Powerful Enough

RV travel today means all kinds of devices.  From SmartTV and Streaming sticks, latops, smart speakers and more.  Go Connect devices are powerful enough to handle them all.

No Complicated Configuration

Easy to setup and use with no technical expertise needed.  Our devices connect quickly and handle all of the details for you.  Just connect and use.

RV WiFi Optimized Travel Routers and Hotspots

Go Travel

  • Easy enough for anyone to use
  • WiFi enhancing SmartBoost – Make any RV park WiFi better
  • Get online fast with SmartConnect
  • Use your phone’s hotspot as a secondary source
  • Powerful enough for all of your devices – phones, tablets, streaming sticks and smart home devices
  • Integrated security means any connection is secure
Go Travel