Unlimited Cellular Hotspot

Smart Cellular Hotspot + Truly Unlimited Data

The Go Travel Pro is the smart cellular hotspot that makes internet on the go easy.  Powerful enough to connect your entire life on the go – from work to entertainment  – with no limits or caps.

Go Travel Pro Hotspot  – $139.99
SmartGo Unlimited Plan – $149.99
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The Perfect Device Paired With the Perfect Plan

The Go Travel Pro is designed with full time travelers in mind.  It pairs perfectly with our SmartGo Unlimited plan, which features truly unlimited data across USA, Canada and Mexico.  Work and play anywhere.

Go Travel Pro

A smart cellular hotspot that makes internet on the go easy.  Built in security, uses multiple carriers to provide the best possible coverage and easy enough for anyone to use.  Designed to keep you connected for your life on the go.

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Truly Unlimited Data

No caps or throttling.  Enjoy great coverage and fast LTE speeds across the US, Canada and Mexico.  No need to pick a carrier, our devices and plans automatically select the best one to help provide the best possible coverage.

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Coverage Check Request

Still have questions about whether you’ll get coverage at your home, favorite travel spot or summer RV park? Give us an address and your email and we’ll send you back information about our coverage in your area.

    Give It A Try – Risk Free Trial + Money Back Guarantee

    Give our SmartGo plans a try with our 14 day free trial with purchase of Go Travel Pro.  If you don’t love it within the free trial period, we’ll give you a full refund.

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    Great Coverage Across the US, Canada and Mexico

    All included in your SmartGo Unlimited plan.  Plus, Go Connect works with multiple LTE data carriers.  Your device will automatically find and use the best interent connection.

    No Contract Data Plans

    So Easy To Use

    Our device and app are so easy to use, it’s award winning.  Try Go Connect and see why we were named 2021’s best Travel and Internet Service Provider app.

    A Smarter WiFi Hotspot

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    Easy To Use and Setup

    Go Connect is easy to setup and use thanks to our award winning Mobile App.  

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    WiFi When You Need

    Easily connect to availabnle WiFi hotspots when needed or extra performance without having to reconfigure all your devices.

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    Built In Security

    Fully integrated security is included with every SmartGo plan.  

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    The only hotspot that learns and gets better over time, plus smart features to help you get connected quickly and easily.

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