Streaming RSNs: Traveling Sports Fans Dreams Coming True?

Streaming RSNs: Traveling Sports Fans Dreams Coming True?

June 21, 2021 Family Internet Travel Blog Travel Tech Blog 0

For fans of baseball, some basketball teams and many other localized sports – the complexities of streaming Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) have made cordcutting difficult. In addition, sports fans who travel regularly have had little or no way to catch their favorite teams games when on the road, even if they had cable TV at home.

This all all finally be changing. Sinclair Broadcasting who purchased most of the RSNs from Fox as part of the Disney merger has recently been reported to be interested in creating a streaming subscription platform offering their RSNs OTT (over the top) for the first time ever.

This becomes significant news for cordcutters, digital tailgaters and travel sports fans. Most Sinclair owned RSNs (branded Bally’s) are not available through streaming, even on linear channel streaming services like SlingTV. The RSNs live sports rights being available through a streaming platform offers a unique opportunity to catch local baseball games when away from the home, with or without a cable subscription.

The new streaming platform is expected to cost about $23 a month, though some estimates suggest it may be $25-30 a month to be viable. Also, there are a lot of details to figure out, including blackout restrictions. Also, with the large number of teams rights available via RSNs there may be some push back or legal restrictions in contracts with leagues such as MLB who offer competing nationwide streaming services.

For digital tailgaters and travelers this should solve what has been a major gap in the availability of live sports. Now with the right equipment, such as a streaming stick and travel router/cellular hotspot you’ll be able to easily catch your favorite local baseball or basketball team on the road or at the tailgate.

Timing on the new platform wasn’t announced, but expect 2022 launch at the earliest.

Be sure to check back for more details as the Bally’s/Sinclar streaming platform comes together.