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You Go Travel Pro is designed to work with Go Connect’s no contract cellular data plans.  Select your plan below.

SmartGo Plus Cellular Premium

Most popular

Perfect for regular use and higher data users.

Cellular + WiFi Boost + Security

$ 84.99/ mo.

  • Unlimited cellular data for higher usage
  • Same great data across the US, Canada and Mexico
  • Data is managed to ensure you never run out
  • WiFi + Cellular boosting for the best performance
  • Make any WiFi Connection Faster with SmartBoost
  • Integrated WiFi Security with SmartSecurity
  • Automatically connect to 1000s of known Travel WiFi hotspots with SmartConnect
  • New Features Released Regularly
  • No additional taxes or fees
  • Up to 20GB of high speed data
  • Boost for 100% unthrottled data
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With LTE provided by mutliple major US carriers plus the same great data across the USA, Canada and Mexico.