Our Story


We’ve Lived It

We started Go Connect because our team is passionate about travel.  We’ve personally been there when our kids just couldn’t wait to get on the WiFi and have spun our wheels at a client site to get our team online.  We tried to use other products but were left frustrated by the experience.


It can’t be just another product

When we set out to build Go Connect, it wasn’t enough to have a product.  It had to be different.   It had to solve the problem.  It also needed to be simple to use, and allowing people who found existing products too technical or cumbersome, to expeirence the benefits.

Travel WiFi Products

Our Virtues

Our product is built around three concepts that are not just marketing speak to us. If we can’t live up to these virtues with everything we do, we don’t do it.


Our product and tools must be simple, quick and easy to use.  This is a foundation of our entire user and product experience.


Our product must make the connections you need higher quality by being faster and more reliable.  


Security has to be engrained in the DNA of the product, not an add on or after thought.  

Our Awesome Team

The Go Connect leadership team brings over 50 years of leadership, user expeirence, design, technology and engineering expertise to our product.  

With strong leadership and solid financial backing, the Go Connect team has the tools to build a pioneering product that will make travel technology easier, more reliable and secure.

Join Our Team

Go Connect is growing and we’d love to have you on our team.  A unique work enviornment that is built around travel, work life balance and delivering experiences not products or technology.  We want to work with the best because we want to deliver the best.  Check out our available careers.