On The Go WiFi Features

Simple and Easy To Use

Ever checked into a hotel after a long day and had your kids constantly pester you to get their phones and tablets on the internet before you even walked through the door to your room?  We have to.  That’s why our device is designed to get you on the internet fast.    

You are worried about getting setup for the night, not how to get all of your families devices online.  Let us help you with that.

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No more useless free internet

Ever tried streaming at a crowded hotel?  Use free coffee shop WiFi?  How about sending that sales presentation from the hotel lobby?   You are not alone – unreliable internet is one of the top complaints about travel. 

WiFi on the go can be frustrating.  Go Connect helps ensure your internet on the go works.

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Always on security

Ever just had to make that payment while in an airport or coffee shop?  How confident were you someone wasn’t snooping?  We are all concerned about wireless security. With Go Connect every WiFi you use becomes  secure WiFi. 

Protect your wireless commiunications even in the most unsecure places like restaurants, hotel lobbies or AirBnBs. And not just secure, but anonymous too. Ensure your information stays private wherever you are.

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  • Get online fast with SmartConnect
  • Makes WiFi at hotels, Airbnbs, Airports, Coffeshops faster and more reliable with SmartTraffic
  • Secures any WiFi location with Integrated SmartSecurity
  • Use your phone’s hotspot to enhance connections
  • Powerful travel router features
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