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SmartGo Plus Cellular Premium

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Cellular + WiFi Boost + Security

$ 84.99/ mo.

  • Unlimited cellular data for higher usage
  • Up to 20GB of unthrottled high speed data
  • Same great data across the US, Canada and Mexico
  • Integrated WiFi Security with SmartSecurity
  • Automatically connect to 1000s of known Travel WiFi hotspots with SmartConnect
  • No additional taxes or fees
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What Makes SmartGo Plans Different?

Not just another plan, a smarter plan.  Not just another hotspot, a smarter hotspot.

One Device, One Plan, Multiple Carriers

No picking carriers or Red/Green/Blue plans.  One plan gives you access to multiple Tier 1 carriers.  Your device automatically uses the best one.  And more are being added soon for even better coverage.

Coverage Throughout USA, Canada and Mexico

SmartGo Plans include coverage throughout the US, Canada and Mexico at no additional cost.  So go ahead, hit Banff or Cancun.  We’ve got you covered.

Built In Security At No Additional Cost

Other companies charge you up to $15 a month extra for security.  All SmartGo plans include security.  It covers any devices connected to your Go Connect.

Easily Connect To WiFi Too

Save data, get more speed or simply take advantage of WIFI when available.  Our devices and SmartGo plans help you get connected to WiFi at hotels, Airbnbs, campgrounds and parks easily.  No need to re-setup each of your devices.

Try Our Data Plan Free For 14 Days

Get 14 Days of our SmartGo Plus Cellular plan to try with the purchase of a Go Travel Pro. This full features free period includes all of the features of our SmartGo Plus Cellular plan, including smart features and integrated security.

You pay for nothing for the plan today.  You can upgrade your plan or pause your subscription until you need it again.

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We’ve Got You Covered

With LTE provided by mutliple major US carriers plus the same great data across the USA, Canada and Mexico.  

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*Approximate coverage across our multiple Tier 1 carriers. Actual coverage may vary based on conditions.

Request A Coverage Check

Still have questions about whether you’ll get coverage at your home, favorite travel spot or summer RV park?  Give us an address and your email and we’ll send you back information about our coverage in your area.

    SmartGo Plus Cellular Premium

    WiFi Anywhere, Anytime

    Cellular data that is managed to never run out.  Plus more when you need it.  Never any contract.  Designed to work with our Go Travel Pro smart hotspot.

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    SmartGo Plus Cellular

    Low Cost Cellular That’s Available When You Need It

    Low cost cellular that enusres you can always get online when needed.  Never any contract.  Designed to work with our Go Travel Pro smart hotspot.

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    SmartGo Plus Cellular Unlimited

    Truly unlimted plan with no throttling or caps

    Need lots of data on the only device where one plan gets you coverage on multiple carriers?  Our new SmartGo Plus Cellular Unlimited plan features high speed data with no throttling or caps.

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