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All of our SmartGo Data plans are no contract.  You can start and stop monthly.  Plus, there is never any signup, membership or activation fee.  In addition, they all feature the same great data throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.  We even include security and privacy at no additional cost.  

What Makes SmartGo Plans Different?

Not just another plan, a smarter plan.  Not just another hotspot, a smarter hotspot.

One Device, One Plan, Multiple Carriers

No picking carriers or Red/Green/Blue plans.  One plan gives you access to multiple Tier 1 carriers.  Your device automatically uses the best one.  

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Coverage Throughout USA, Canada and Mexico

SmartGo Plans include coverage throughout the US, Canada and Mexico at no additional cost.  So go ahead, hit Banff or Cancun.  We’ve got you covered.

Coverage Map

No Contracts or Fees

Start or Stop your SmartGo Data Plan as you need it.  There are no contracts . Plus, no membership, signup or activation fees. 

Built In Security At No Additional Cost

Other companies charge you up to $15 a month extra for security.  All SmartGo plans include security.  It covers any devices connected to your Go Connect.

We’ve Got You Covered

Have questions about whether you’ll get coverage at your home, favorite travel spot or summer RV park?  Give us an address and your email and we’ll show you estimated coverage. Check as many locations as you would like.

    * Coverage maps are estimated coverage as provided by the FCC. Actual coverage may vary based on a number of factors. Performance may also vary based on factors that are not purely due to coverage.

    Try Our Data Plan Free For 14 Days

    Get 14 Days or 5GB of our SmartGo Plus Cellular plan to try with the purchase of a Go Travel Pro. 

    You pay for nothing for the plan today.  You can upgrade your plan or pause your subscription until you need it again.

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    Designed For Use With Go Travel Hotspots

    Our plans are designed to pair exclusively with our smart cellular hotspot devices.  They are easy to use and secure all in one solutions to your internet on the go needs.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Know I’ll Have Service?

    We use mutliple carriers on a single device.  That means no plans to choose from.  And we are adding more carriers all of the time.  You can check our coverage map and make an address check.  And since most of users travel, we’ll be glad to help you understand coverage in the places you are going even if the location isn’t fixed.

    Coverage Map

    Can I Start and Stop The Service Anytime?

    Yes!  All of our plans are month to month.  So you can cancel your plan at anytime in your My Go portal.  It will terminate at the end of the current billing period.  You can then restart your plan whenever you need via the My Go portal.

    Can I Purchase Just The Device Or Just The Plan/SIM?

    Our devices and plans are designed to work together.  So currently you cannot buy just the plan or just the device separately.  Give our device and plan a try, you might find it is better than what you are currently using.

    Do I Have To Activate Service Immediately?

    All of our Go Travel hotspots come with service activated.   If you want to try our device and then stop the service until you need it in the future, check out our 14 free trial of our SmartGo Cellular or Starter plans.  

    What Else Do I Need?

    Our data plans are designed to work with our devices.  They are complete, all in one solution. It provides wireless internet for all your deviecs on the go using LTE (cellular) connection.   You won’t need anything else to get internet on the go.

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    Who Is Go Connect?

    Go Connect is based out of Atlanta, GA.  We are founded by two former Sprint/Nextel engineers who felt travel WiFi was overly complicated, hard to use, performed poorly and seemed to be driven by carriers who really just wanted to sell you data.  We set out to build a different kind of device and experience.  We are travelers and nomads ourselves.