How Go Connect Works

With Go Connect you can easily bring your devices along as you move between locations.

It’s like your WiFi network at home, but portable.

Go Connect does this by creating a private WiFI network for you and your devices.  We then add in the option of always on security, LTE and optimization to help ensure reliable WIFi on the go.

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* Some features require a subscription

Select Your Go Connect

Go Connect comes in two versions, one with cellular (Go Travel Pro) and one without.  Both feature the same great easys of use, security and smart features.

Go Travel

59.99 Plus free shipping

Easy to use travel router with available integrated security, WiFi optimization and more.   Take all of your favorite devices when you travel including streaming, smart speakers and smart assistants.

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Go Travel Pro

139.99 plus free shipping

A hotspot with router capabilities.  Built in cellular for when you need it, either as a backup or when WiFi isn’t available.  Plus all of plans include integrated security, WiFi optimization and more.

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Pick A Plan

Go Travel Pro’s exclusively use Go Connect’s SmartGo Cellular subscriptions.  Each plan includes security and all of our Smart features.  Go Travel devices can be used without a subscription or you can optionally add a SmartGo plan to add security and all of our Smart features.

For Go Travel


Security and all of our smart features for less than the cost of a VPN alone.  Not ready to commit?  No problem, this plan is optional.

For Go Travel Pro

SmartGo Plus Cellular

Low cost plan designed to give you the piece of mind of having LTE connetivity anywhere you go.  Includes security and all of our smart features.

Go Travel Pro

SmartGo Plus Cellular Premium

For regular cellular use or higher data uses you can work, stream or share anywhere.  Includes security and all of our smart features.


Setup And Use Is Easy

Setup Your Device Up

You device is easy to setup and takes just a few minutes.  Install the Go Connect GoTravel App, connect to your private WiFi network and enter a few pieces of information.  

Connect Your Devices

Connect any devices you want to take with you to your private WiFi network.   Laptops, phones, tablets, streaming sticks, smart speakers, and so much more.  Add more at any time.  As you travel you won’t need to reconnect your devices.  You can even take devices that aren’t design for travel, like smart home devices.

Connect On The Go Using WiFi Or Cellular

When traveling you can get WiFi from hotels, Airbnbs, campgrounds, national parks, airports and so much more.  And with the Go Travel Pro the device will use cellular when WiFI is unavailable or unreliable.  And it does it automatically.

* Cellular capabilities require a Go Travel Pro and SmartGo cellular plan

It’s Also Smart

Integrated Security

All Go Connect SmartGo Plans feature integrated security so your information stays safe no matter what kind of connection you use when traveling. 

* Optional feature requires a subscription

WiFi Enhancing Boost

Bufferbloat, channel crowding, jitter, packet loss, latency.  These terms may not mean much to you but they are a big part of why WiFi on the go is so unreliable.  Only Go Connect’s smart features learn and try to adapt.  And when that isn’t enough the Go Travel Pro can automatically switch over to cellular.  So you are less likely to be left with an unuseable connection.

* Optional feature requires a subscription.  Cellular capabilities require a Go Travel Pro and SmartGo cellular plan

So Many Uses For Travelers

Unlike traditional hotspots that are designed to sell you more data, or travel routers that are designed for technical people, Go Connet was desidgned from the beginning for travelers.

Digital Nomads

Working from anywhere requires reliable connectivity and security. 

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Life anywhere means you need connectiivity anywhere. 

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Family Entertainment

Never worry about keeping your family connected when traveling.

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Gaming on the go menas you need reliability and stability.

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Business Travelers

Stay connected and secure while traveling for business.

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Private WiFi networks help keep you isolated and secure, even while sharing work locations.

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Need more?

The only Smart Travel WiFi device, great plans, integrated security, and ease of use not enough?  Don’t worry, we’ve got more.

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Free shipping anywhere in the United States.  Always.

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Money back guarantee if you don’t love your Go Connect.

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