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4G LTE Hotspot + Use any public WiFi


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LTE + WiFi

WiFi when you want it, LTE when you need it.  Stop worrying about data useage and start enjoying Travel WiFi anywhere.  Need more?  Go Travel Pro can combine WiFi and LTE for extra speed and reliability.

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Secures Automatically

WiFi or LTE.  Hotel, Airport, Coffee Shop, Coworking.  Anywhere, anytime, any connection.  

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So Easy To Use

Easily connect and share your internet connection plus automated security mean you just connect and go.

We’ve Got You Covered

With a SmartGo Plus Cellular or SmartGo Plus Cellular Premium plan enjoy 4G LTE coverage throughout the USA, Mexico and Canada.  Plus WiFi security, enhancing boost and our easy to use features.

No Contract Data Plans

Real Solutions To Travel WiFi

Supports All Your Devices

Connect more devices including streaming sticks, tablets, smart speakers, phones, laptops and anything else quickly and easily.  No six device limits here.

WiFi + Cellular

Uses available WiFi networks and an integrated cellular to ensure you are always connected.  Don’t sweat overages, because Go Connect manages WiFi and cellular you’ll use less of your high speed data than other devices.

Business Or Pleasure

More reliable internet not only means producitvity, but Go Travel Pro helps  ensure your can stream your favorite shows when away from home.  

Work From Anywhere

No more worrying about your internet connection at hotels, Airbnbs or RV parks.  You can truly work from anywhere.