Coworking WiFi

Coworking WiFi Made Easy

Easily connect all of the devices you need to work at your coworking location.  Plus, with our exclusive SmartBoost functionality, you’ll be sure to maintain a stable, reliable connection no matter how busy the office is.

Secure Public WiFi

Go Connect devices help make any public coworking WIFi network more secure for your sensitive files.  Our device creates a private WiFi network only you can access.  Plus our integrated SmartSecurity adds an extra layer of protection for all of your devices.


Go Travel Pro

Effortless Coworking WiFi with the Go Travel Pro. With built in cellular connectivity the Go Travel Pro will keep you connected even when coworking WiFi is down or slow. Powerful enough for all of your devices, small enough to fit in your laptop bag.

Go Travel Pro

Go Travel

Make Coworking WiFi better with SmartBoost, more secure with integrated SmartSecurity. All with an easy to use interface. Spend your time working, not worrying about the WiFi.

Go Travel

Coworking WiFi Features

Connect Quickly

Easy to use mobile app gets you online quickly.  Then it automatically connects to your coworking WIFi every time you visit.

WiFi Boost

Our exclusive SmartBoost will make any WiFi connection better, automatically.


Go Connect creates a prviate WiFi network only you can access.  Then it adds an extra layer of security to keep your sensitive work files protected.

Cellular Backup

Just because WiFi is down, doesn’t mean your productivity must be.  Optional cellular for a low cost backup or for WiFi anywhere.

Small and Portable

Small enough to fit in your bag, powerful enough to do everything you need it to.

Share With Your Team

Easily share your private WiFi networks with clients and coworkers.  No need for complicated login sequences.