COVID-19 Travel Resources

COVID-19 Travel Resources

August 28, 2020 Travel Blog Travel Tech Blog 0

American’s are beginning to travel again. While we are still not traveling as often, or as far, travel has been up every month since May. Go Connect has complied a number of resources that will help you understand how to travel safely, where there are restrictions and how to plan accordingly.

The following resources are primarily focused towards US travelers traveling domestically or internationally.

Mask Mandates

Below are links to information about state mask mandates, airlines current mask policies and hotel chain mask policies.

List of US states and whether they have mask mandates:

List of Airline Mask Mandates:

List of Hotel Mask Mandates:

Domestic (US) Travel Restrictions

Below are links to information about states with travel restrictions and mandatory quarantine requirements.

Interactive US Map with each states COVID-19 Travel Restrictions:

International Travel Restrictions

Below are links to information about countries throughout the worlds document, health and COVID-19 specific travel restrictions and quarantine requirements.

Interactive World Map with each countries COVID-19 Travel Restrictions:

International Health and Document Travel Planner:


Check back regularly as we will be updating the information and adding new links. Also note that Go Connect is not providing any of this information, they are all links to third party resources. You should ensure you independently validate the information.