Integrated SmartSecurity

Secure. Easy. Reliable

SmartSecurity is always on, but never in the way, unlike many VPN solutions.  It works seamlessly with you as you travel to help keep you safe without impacting producivity or lesiure time.

Automatic Security

Our integrated SmartSecurity automatically secures public WiFi networks so your access is always safe and secure, no matter where you are. 

Products Featuring Integrated SmartSecurity

Go Travel

The Go Travel features integrated SmartSecurity, SmartConnect and SmartTraffic which will help you get the most out of WiFi on the go.

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Go Travel Pro

The Go Travel Pro features integrated SmartSecurity, SmartConnect and SmartTraffic with a fully integrated cellular connection.  Stay connected anywhere.

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Security is in our DNA

Always On Security

Security you don’t need to think about. Go Connect’s security is always on. You’ll also know at a glance that your protected.

Seamless Integration With Corporate VPN

No need for technical expertise to connect to your corporate VPN. Go Connect’s integrated security won’t get in the way of corporate network.


Not just secure but anonymous. Go Connect prevents sites and WiFi networks from knowing details about who you are.

Security Anywhere

Turn any travel or on the go internet connection into a secure connection. Hotels, conference centers, AirBnB’s, client sites, coffee shops and more