What Makes Go Connect Different

What Makes Go Connect Different

October 9, 2021 News 0

Go Connect Is Different?  How?  It’s Built Into Who We Are

We built Go Connect to solve the problem with Travel WiFi  that most Travel WiFi devices aren’t really designed for travel.  

Travel WiFi devices are generally designed to sell you as much data as possible.  With our products we actually want to help you use less data and while maximizing flexibility. 

Our devices and plans use several cellular carriers, and we plan to add more in the future.  Our goal is getting you the best coverage and WiFi/LTE.

Unlike a lot of companies you don’t have to carry the plan indefinitely.  You can cancel and restart at any time through your My Go panel.

Our products come with a you’ll love it guarantee. Every one of our plans includes all of our security, ease of use and optimization featuresSecurity and simplicity at core to our product.  Why pay extra for a VPN service?

Our products will be regularly updated with new features that make travel WiFi easier.  Our devices are designed to be upgraded.

We encourage questions and feedback and we’ll incorporate that feedback in our product and offering even if you never buy from us.