Travel Router and Cellular Hotspot Final Design

Travel Router and Cellular Hotspot Final Design

January 15, 2021 News 0

Go Connect is proud to announce today we have finalized our product design. Our product line includes our travel router product, Go Travel and our travel router with cellular hotspot, Go Travel Pro. All powered by the best user experience in the business. And we are not talking simply pretty design here, we have the easiest to use, safest and most reliable travel router and cellular hotspot available. No technical expertise required.

Our devices are off to manufacturing. Very soon we’ll be posting our latest product development blog where we will illustrate the final push to production. Shortly after you’ll begin to see release details for our private BETA and then our presale. We have been singularly focused on bringing the best travel WiFi product to market.

In addition to our gallery of the final product design, in the next few weeks we’ll be announcing:

  • Our subscription plans including our cellular offerings
  • More details about our performance boosting capabilities, and how the Go Connect will make any WiFi connection better.
  • Our unique WiFi + Cellular capabilities to keep you connected on the Go
  • Our unique security offering and how its superior to traditional “VPN” services.

So much more to come! Keep checking back. If you are not already part of our mailing list, join now to be the first to know. You’ll also have access to unique special offers only founding club members get access to.

World Class Travel WiFi Product

Go Connect’s series of travel WiFi products will revolutionize how people think about connectivity while on the go. Our product is built around our unique principles that such a device should be simple to use, reliable and secure. Our product can make any hotel, Airbnb, RV park, airport, co-working, coffee shop or other public WiFi location connection better.

When your travels take you to places where just relying on WIFi may not be enough, our Go Travel Pro with built in cellular connectivity takes travel WiFi to the next level. However, unlike other products where you need to choose between using up data or using free WiFi that may be unreliable or unsecure, our products will automatically manage your connection to ensure you stay connected reliably.

This means you can work, stream and play without worrying about connectivity. We do the work so you can focus on what matters to you.