Subscription, Plan and Data Terms and Conditions

The following document refers to Go Connect Enterprises, LLC as “Go Connect”, “our” or “we”

General Subscription Terms and Conditions

All use of Go Connect’s devices and features involve the transmission of information using “Data Services”.  Subscription and use of Go Connect’s Data Services are subject to the Permitted and Prohibited Use policies.

Data Services: Permitted Uses

You can use our Data Plans and Features for accessing the Internet and for such things as: (i) Internet browsing; (ii) email; (iii) intranet access; (iv) uploading, downloading and streaming of audio, video and games; and (v) Video conferencing or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

Data Services: Prohibited Uses

You may not use our Data Plans and Features for illegal purposes or purposes that infringe upon others’ intellectual property rights, or in a manner that interferes with other users’ service; that violates trade and economic sanctions and prohibitions as promulgated by the departments of Commerce, Treasury or any other U.S. government agency; that interferes with the network’s ability to fairly allocate capacity among users or that otherwise degrades service quality for other users. Examples of prohibited usage include: (i) server devices or host computer applications that are broadcast to multiple servers or recipients such that they could enable “bots” or similar routines (as set forth in more detail in (ii) below) or otherwise degrade network capacity or functionality; (ii) “auto-responders,” “cancel-bots,” or similar automated or manual routines that generate amounts of net traffic that could disrupt net user groups or email use by others; (iii) generating “spam” or unsolicited commercial or bulk email (or activities that facilitate the dissemination of such email); (iv) any activity that adversely affects the ability of other users or systems to Go Connect or any of our carrier network partners’ services or the Internet-based resources of others, including the generation or dissemination of viruses, malware or “denial of service” attacks; (v) accessing, or attempting to access without authority, the information, accounts or devices of others, or to penetrate, or attempt to penetrate, Go Connect or our carrier partners’ or another entity’s network or systems; or (vi) running software or other devices that maintain continuous active Internet connections when a computer’s connection would otherwise be idle, or “keep alive” functions, unless they adhere to Go Connect or our carrier partners’ requirements for such usage, which may be changed from time to time.

We further reserve the right to take measures to protect our network and other users from harm, compromised capacity or degradation in performance. These measures may impact your service, and we reserve the right to deny, modify or terminate service, with or without notice, to anyone we believe is using Data Plans or Features in a manner that adversely impacts our network.

We may monitor your compliance, or other subscribers’ compliance, with these terms and conditions, but we will not monitor the content of your communications except as otherwise expressly permitted or required by law

AUP Enforcement and Notice

Customer’s failure to observe the guidelines set forth in Go Connect’s policies may result in actions anywhere from a warning to a suspension or termination of Customer’s IP Services. When feasible, Go Connect will attempt to provide Customer with a notice of policy violation via e-mail or otherwise allowing the Customer to promptly correct such violation.

Go Connect reserves the right, however, to act immediately and without notice to suspend or terminate affected IServices in response to a court order or government notice that certain conduct must be stopped, or when we reasonably determines that the Customer’s use of the affected Services violates any of our policies; may lead to civil or criminal penalties or other liabilities; interferes with our networks or the networks of our partners; violates any known laws.


Go Connect will automatically bill your credit card and present an electric invoice via our online account management system.  All of our subscriptions are no contract and changes or cancelation are subject to our Cancelation, Upgrade and Return policy.

Cellular Plans

PlanHigh Speed Data IncludedOverage Allowance**
SmartGo 2 (previously and also known as SmartGo Starter)2GB1GB**
SmartGo 5 (previously and also known as SmartGo Monthly or Standard)5GB2GB**
SmartGo 20 (previously and also known as SmartGo Premium)20GB5GB**
SmartGo 30 (previously and also known as SmartGo Premium 30)25GB5GB**
SmartGo Business5GB2GB**
SmartGo Business 100100GBUnlimited**
* See Data Usage Terms For More Details. ** Go Connect may reduce speeds in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Data Usage – All Plans

Go Connect generally will not throttle or limit data based on usage under normal usage conditions and within what we deem typical usage levels as defined by your plan.

Cellular speeds by nature are variable based on a number of factors both within and outside of Go Connect’s control.  Go Connect may offer plans based on speed, which as described are maximum allowed speeds offered by the plans. You may not achieve the stated speed at times or in all conditions.  Dynamic rate limiting due to Data Plan and Infrastructure Protective Measures may be implemented regardless of the stated speed.   Rate limiting based on these measures do not quality as a service issue.

Go Connect has set a two tier monthly usage level for each of these plans. Our devices and network suppliers measure your upload and download data usage to determine if your total actual usage, as aggregated over the applicable monthly period.  Please note that usage includes all of your requests to upload or download data, whether or not such data is actually uploaded or downloaded, as well as network overhead.   Go Connect will attempt to notify you when you’ve consumed 75% of your high speed data for the period.

Throughout the period Go Connect may manage throughput speed based on a number of factors, including usage patterns, WiFi connectivity and available cellular data performance.   Go Connect may also reduce speeds during times of network congestion.  Cellular data speed optimization is not applied to a WiFi connection, only the cellular.  See the WiFi enhancement portion of this document for additional details on WIFi performance optimization.

Go Connect may reduce the speed at which you can send and receive data over the our network until the end of the applicable monthly period for exceeding the included high speed data.  Once the high speed consumption maximum is reached, speeds may reduced dynamically to as low as 128 kbps.   If you continue to send and/or receive a substantial amount of data (as determined by Go Connect in its sole discretion) in excess of the maximum consumption allowed, we may further reduce your data speed.

Go Connect may offer the ability to “boost” your cellular connection.  This option is provided to allow you to request maximum speed for a short period of time, generally to complete a download or other high speed operation where our intelligent management of speed may be limiting.  The benefits and performance of the boost may vary.  Any bandwidth consumed during this allotment will go against your monthly usage.  The feature may not be available when exceeding your allotment data amounts.  Optional additional charges and upgrades to your bandwidth may be offered. Once you begin a new monthly period your usage level will be reset and your upload and download speeds will be restored. Ability to boost is subject to availability.

Data Usage – SmartGo Business Plans

Customer agrees and understands that, a) these plans are intended for primarily business purposes. b) Excessive use for entertainment and other non-business websites that offer video or audio streaming entertainment services are not permitted. In addition, web hosting or providing public guest Wi-Fi are also not permitted on these plans. c) During periods of high traffic Go Connect, or our carrier partners, may slow speeds for devices on these plans. These plans support domestic coverage only and do not support cellular voice services or 911 capability. d) Customer may only use Go Connect devices supporting functionality that is specific business services. e) If a device operates at maximum throughput over extended periods of time, or continually generates high usage associated with unpermitted services, Go Connect will migrate the device to an existing standard consumer usage rate plan with overage available on their account to move devices to.

Data Usage – All Plans – Data Plan and Infrastructure Protective Measures

To provide a good experience for the majority of our customers and minimize capacity issues and degradation in network performance, we may take measures including temporarily rate limiting throughput for a subset of customers who use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth and beyond typical and fair use, even for Plus Unlimited plans. Go Connect reserves the right to determine disproportionate levels and impact, average usage that exceeds 10GB per day, or exceeds or trends beyond that of a typical or average users.  If you use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth, perform excessive downloading, or otherwise use it in a manner that could interfere with other customers’ service, affect our ability to allocate network capacity and capacity pool among customers, or degrade service quality for other customers, we may suspend, terminate, or restrict your data session, or switch you to a more appropriate Data Plan which may result in an increased cost.

Data Plan and Infrastructure Protective Measures may be implemented dynamically and rate limiting speeds may vary based on overall plan and pool health, available capacity and whether your individual use is not typical  In addition we may adjust or implement dynamic rate limit limiting for specific activities, such as but not limited to adjusting speeds for downloads or streaming.  Additionally, we may implement other network management practices, such as caching less data, using less capacity, sizing video more appropriately for a Device to transmit data files more efficiently, and deploying streaming video optimization technology, which may affect the performance and download times of data-heavy activities such as video-streaming or large downloads. Streaming video optimization technology is intended to manage data usage on the network, reduce the risk of streaming video stalling and buffering, and reduce the amount of high-speed data consumption used for streaming video. Streaming video optimization may improve video reliability as well as makes room for other users to enjoy higher browsing speeds. Detectable video may stream at a lower quality that what is provided by the source. Additionally Go Connect may ask streaming applications to implement Data Saver mode or suggest they operate at lower bandwidth, even if these settings are not enabled in the application.  Data Saver mode may trigger sources to automatically adjust resolution.  Not all services will adjust their streaming quality based on this.  Streaming video optimization process is agnostic as to the streaming video content itself and to the website that provides it. While most changes to streaming video files are likely to be indiscernible, the optimization process may impact the appearance and resolution of the streaming video as displayed on your Device.

We also manage our network to facilitate the proper functioning of services that require consistent high speeds, such as video calling, which may, particularly at times and in areas of network congestion, result in reduced speeds for other services. These practices operate without regard to the content itself or the source of the content, and do not discriminate against offerings that might compete against those offered by Go Connect on the basis of such competition.

Data Usage – All Plans – Original Device

Go Connect services are designed to be used in their original device running software provided by Go Connect in an unmodified state. Removal or modification, or any attempt to bypass Go Connect systems or systems is subject to immediate suspension or termination.

911, Messaging or Other Services

Go Connect devices only use cellular data networks.  We do not provide phone, including emergency voice or 911 services or text messaging support.  Go Connect devices do not support TTY or other enabled services.

Security Terms and Conditions

Go Connect provides security services as part of your subscription.  Go Connect’s security services are not intended to be a complete replacement for user security practices, nor do they guarantee absolute security.  Go Connect’s security platform is intended to provide basic security practices to the communication that occurs between your Go Connect device and our servers.

Go Connect’s security does not attempt to secure or encrypt all data.  Go Connect’s software does not directly protect individual devices, websites or networks.

Go Connect shall not be liable and shall not have responsibility of any kind to any Subscriber or other individual for any loss or damage that you incur in the event of:

  1. any failure or interruption of the Site or Service;
  2. any act or omission of any Third Party involved in making the Site or Service or the data contained therein available to you;
  3. any other cause relating to your access or use, or inability to access or use, any portion of the Site or its Content;
  4. your interactions on the Site or Service;
  5. your failure to comply with this Agreement;
  6. the cost of procurement of substitute goods or services; or
  7. unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data, whether or not the circumstances giving rise to such cause may have been within the control of Go Connect or of any vendor providing software, services, or support for the Site or Service.

In no event will Go Connect, its partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, members, officers, or employees be liable for any direct, special, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages, or for any other loss or damages of any kind, even if they have been advised of the possibility thereof. The foregoing shall not apply to the extent prohibited by applicable law.

Boost and Enhancement Terms and Conditions

We optimize network data individual based on the conditions of the device, use of optional cellular connectivity and the quality of the WiFi connection, if any, used.  We do this to deliver a range potential enhancements that may not be reflected in outright maximum upload or download speed, but rather latency, stability, or leveling upload/download performance.  Go Connect’s software may learn or make adjustments based on user patterns or type of data service being consumed.

Customer devices also have varying speed capabilities and may connect to different networks depending on technology. Even within coverage areas and with broadband-capable devices, network changes, traffic volume, outages, technical limitations, signal strength, obstructions, weather, and other conditions may impact speeds and service availability.  You specific benefits or enhancements may vary based on all of these factors.

Go Connect attempts to learn and further refine our enhancement and optimization services over time in an attempt to provide additional value and maximize network performance based on customer feedback.

Policy Last Modified Date: October 19th, 2022