Streaming On A Projector While Camping

Streaming On A Projector While Camping

March 29, 2021 Family Internet Travel Blog Travel WiFi Blog 0

After a long travel draught due to the impacts and restrictions caused by COVID-19, thousands of people all across the continent are gearing up to make the most of the summer by creating their vacation plans.

Still COVID-19 changed the world in irrevocable ways, including our reliance on remote work and streaming for entertainment. In 2020, the streaming industry increased by a rate of 55% from the previous year.

People everywhere began to stream at significantly higher rates across a broad range of devices; no longer is being tethered to a specific location a necessity —now, work and play can be done anywhere, anytime.

While this is great for reducing commutes and changing work structure, it’s even better for travelers. Why? Because it’s easier than ever to take all of the comforts of home with you next time you travel. Streaming sticks may be small, but they pack a lot of entertainment into a portable package.

While our entertainment patterns have changed, so has how we travel. We learned to fall in love with camping and RVing again. You may think these are contradictory -but streaming while traveling and camping have quickly become one of the most entertaining ways to get away.

I see your glamping and raise you #connectedcamping.

Not Just Glamping but #ConnectedCamping

By bringing along a streaming stick and projector on your next camping travel or outdoor trip, any dull moment can be transformed into fun. Gather your friends together to catch up on the latest episode at night or keep your young ones entertained. While this may seem like the opposite of the reason you go camping, there is no question its a popular form of entertainment once the sun is down. Even popular camping YouTubers, like Steve Wallis and LoneWolf902, routinely take digital entertainment.

You really only need a few items for ConnectedCamping.

  1. Power – in order to power a projector or other screen you’ll need a battery to bring with you. Of course, you can also use this to charge phones.
  2. A projector – you can even get mini projectors that are easy to pack.
  3. A projector screen – be sure to bring along a screen. Don’t have a screen or want to carry a heavy rollup screen? No problem, bring a white sheet and hang it on a tree.
  4. A streaming stick – grab your favorite streaming stick. You probably have one laying around. If not, they can be bought for as little as about $30.
  5. Travel WiFi device – while you may be able to use your personal hotspot on your phone, a dedicated hotspot will help ensure your campsite stays connected.

Picking The Right Travel WiFi Device

If you travel regularly and are not highly technical, we’d recommend ensuring you find a travel WiFi device with an easy to use interface. Some travel WiFi devices have highly technical interfaces and/or require technical experience to configure. So be sure to research the interface and ease of use before picking the best travel WiFi device.

It’s simple to stay connected when you want to —and when you need to. Adventurous travelers looking to relax in a remote location can rest assured knowing they can keep continuously connected. In case of a personal or work emergency, service remains available. An additional bonus to taking your travel wifi device is the ability to easily connect multiple devices. Along with your streaming stick, you can also connect the kid’s tablet, your companions phones, or whatever you need. Sonos speakers while camping? Yes, please.

Travel tech is convenient, but that’s not all. Privacy may not be your biggest concern if you’re camping in the forest with civilization untouchably far-away but the next trip you take when you’re staying in a RV park, a business hotel, or an Airbnb, a travel WiFi device keeps your data secure at all times.

Go Connect – Travel WiFi Made Simple

If you routinely travel with a streaming device, like a Roku, FireTV stick or Chromecast/Google TV, you may be interested in something that will make it easier to use without having to rely on your phone’s personal hotspot. Here at Go Connect all of our devices are designed specifically to be easy to use, secure and are designed for travel. A combination no other product can say.

Hit The Road

Vaccinated, stir-crazy, and more than deserving of a stress-free break, countless travelers finally have the peace of mind to crack open their calendars and schedule much-needed travel plans —join them and plan your own unforgettable adventure in 2021. Make your first trip out of quarantine one to remember. And when you just can’t miss the premiere of Yellowstone or Bridgerton, be sure to pack a streaming stick and travel wifi device.