SmartGo Unlimited Co-Op

SmartGo Unlimited Is Now SmartGo Unlimited Co-Op 

Go Connect is launching SmartGo Unlimited Co-Op.  We are renaming our SmartGo Unlimited plan and introducing new features. 

SmartGo Unlimited Co-Op launches July/August 2022.

How It Works

Just like our previous plan, the new SmartGo Unlimited Co-Op pools users together to allow more freedom than traditional cellular data plans. Instead of letting unused data go to waste, Go Connect’s SmartGo Unlimited Co-Op brings all that data together to allow you to use it when you want it without surprise bills.

Users are guaranteed a minimum amount of high speed data every month with access to additional data, at no extra charge, from the larger pool when it’s available.

Existing Customers Will Be Migrated Automatically

Existing SmartGo Unlimited customers will be moved to the new plan automatically when released.  Stay tuned for the announcement. 

Active customers will recieve a new Go Connect device that supports the new plan and features. Click This upgrade is free of charge for eligible customers.

Eligible customers can click on the link below and login to their My Go panel to confirm their free replacement order.

Confirm Your Replacement

Have More Questions?

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