SmartConnect WiFi

Easy. Secure. Reliable

You’ll get online in seconds, nearly 10x as quick as other Travel Routers.  Forget clunky technical interfaces here.  Plus it’s not just fast, SmartConnect works with our integrated SmartSecurity and SmartTraffic to make your connection safer and more reliable.

Connects Automatically

Our SmartConnect WiFi will help you connect automatically and quickly to thousands of well known hotels, airports, coffee shops and other popular travel WiFi locations.  

Products Featuring SmartConnect WiFi

Go Travel

The Go Travel features SmartConnect, integrated SmartSecurity and SmartTraffic which will help you get the most out of WiFi on the go.

Go Travel

Go Travel Pro

The Go Travel Pro features SmartConnect WiFi, integrated SmartSecurity and SmartTraffic with a fully integrated cellular connection.  Stay connected anywhere.

Go Travel Pro

It’s really that easy

Get Online Fast

Go Connect gets you connected to the locations you visit the most quickly and in many cases, automatically.

Supports All Your Devices

Today’s work and personal travel takes more than a phone and a laptop. Connect streaming sticks, tablets, smart speakers, phones, laptops and anything else quickly as easily. 

No Complicated Configuration

Setups up in minutes and then connects effortlessly. As easy to connect to new networks in new locations as connecting just one phone or laptop. In fact, even easier.

No Technical Expertise

You don’t need to any have technical expertise to use Go Connect. If you can connect your phone or laptop to wifi, you can use Go Connect for all of your devices.