SmartBoost – WiFi and Cellular Boost

Reliable.  Easy. Secure.

WiFi on the go can be challenging.  Go Connect’s SmartTraffic makes your WiFi faster and more reliable.  If that isn’t enough, it can also use your phone’s hotspot or our built in cellular chip when needed.

Say Goodbye To Travel Internet Problems

Bufferbloat, Interference and Saturation are common buzzwords to describe why your WiFi on the go doesn’t work.  You can say goodbye to them all with SmartBoost

Products Featuring SmartBoost WiFi

Go Travel

The Go Travel features SmartBoost making public WiFi faster and more secure, integrated SmartSecurity and SmartConnect which will help you get the most out of WiFi on the go.

Go Travel

Go Travel Pro

The Go Travel Pro features SmartBoost for WiFi and cellular, integrated SmartSecurity and SmartConnect with a fully integrated cellular connection.  Stay connected anywhere.

Go Travel Pro

Reliable and consistent, it just works.

Smoother Streams

When you finally get some downtime Go Connect helps ensure you can watch your favorite streamed shows on the go.

Get That Presentation Out

When that email just has to send, Go Connect help ensures it gets there. More reliable connection means you can do the things that matter.

Communications When It Matters

Time away from home can be difficult. Stay connected with family and important busienss contacts with reliable internet that ensures you are heard and seen.

Cellular Or Hotspot Backup

SmartBoost let’s you take advantage of available WiFi, but uses your phone’s hotspot or our built in cellular connection to ensure you never have an unstable connection.

Reduce Latency

Video conferencing and gaming on the go require low latency.  SmartBoost reduces latency on WiFi connections.

Streamline Speeds

WiFi on the go often means slow performance and delays.  SmartBoost can help enhance WiFi for better performance.