Product Tip: Easy Private WiFi Sharing

Product Tip: Easy Private WiFi Sharing

October 28, 2021 Product Tips And Tricks 0

We are doing a series of blog posts illustrating our unique and easy to use interface. Our goal is to help you get the most of your Go Travel Router and Go Travel Pro Cellular Hotspot Router product.

In this article we describe how Go Connect’s GoTravel app makes it easy to share your private WiFi network with other users. These users could be friends, family members, or co-workers.

Private WiFi

If you are not familiar with one of the unique things Go Connect does, is it creates a private WiFi network for you and your devices. Like your home network, this connection is designed to be private, but you may often want to allow friends, family, co-workers or other users to take advantage of the internet connectivity you get with your Go Connect device.

More than just private, Go Connect’s private WiFi network lets you have a WiFi network that never changes even as you move locations. And, unlock typical hotspots your Go Connect uses the same private WiFi network whether you are using WiFI at a RV park, hotel, campground or AirBnb or whether you are using cellular. Or even both.

Private WiFi networks have a lot of other benefits as well, such as being more secure. We’ll save that for another article. Let’s talk about sharing.

What Ways Does Go Connect Allow Me To Share My Private WiFi

Go Connect’s features 3 easy ways to share your WiFi connection, with more coming.

QR Code Share your private WiFi network without any typing. Simply open the camera app on most phones, tablets or other devices with a camera. You’ll be prompted to join the WiFi network on that device, with nothing to enter.

Email/Text Messaging Send your private WiFi network details by sending an auto filled email or text message.

Showing Network Name/Password – You can show users the WiFi network name and password. This information is available on the security tab. Passwords are hidden, but you can “show” the password.

For security reasons we recommend only sharing your WiFi password with people you know or trust.

Where Do I Find Sharing In The App?

Sharing appears at the bottom of the main Connections screen. Just click to share.


It’s easy to share your Go Connect private WiFi network with friends or family. You can also use any of this information to easily add a streaming device, smart speaker, smart assistant or any other WiFi enabled device.