Product Tip: Device Setup and Registration Process

Product Tip: Device Setup and Registration Process

December 20, 2021 Product Tips And Tricks Product Updates 0

We are doing a series of blog posts illustrating our unique and easy to use interface. Our goal is to help you get the most of your Go Travel Router and Go Travel Pro Cellular Hotspot Router product.

In this article we describe how to use Go Connect’s GoTravel app to do the initial configuration on your new Go Connet device. The process is very simple, is just a few screens and only takes a few minutes.

You will need

  • Go Connect device
  • GoTravel App
  • An internet connection (even if you purchased a Go Connect with cellular capabilities)

Initial Device Setup

1. Install Go Connect GoTravel App

The initial device setup is easy. Even before your Go Connect device arrives you can go ahead and iInstall the Go Connect GoTravel App on your iPhone or Android device.

2. Plug In Your Device

When you get your new Go Connect device delivered via UPS, take it out of the box and plug it in. It will take a few seconds to power up. The power port is under the left antenna.

3. Connect to the Go Connect WiIFi Network

Once it has, you will see a new WiFi network named GoConnect with 4 letters and/or numbers. Go ahead and connect to it. It will be an open network and won’t ask you for a password. Don’t worry, as part of the registation process we’ll help you set a password so only you and the people you authorize can access your private Go Connect network.

Registering Your Device

1. Launch the Go Connect GoTravel App

To register your device you’ll need to launch the Go Connect GoTravel App when connected to your private Go Connect network.

2. The GoTravel App Will Start The Registration Process

Once you’ve launched the app and it’s connected, which only takes a few seconds, the app will start the registration process.

3. Connect to WiFi Network With Internet

For initial setup we will need internet access. This can be your home or an office network.

4. Enter Your Email Address And Set A Device Password

Enter the email address you used to purchase your Go Connect. Your device is registered to your purchase email. If you do not know because it was a gift or another issue, please contact our support team for assistance.

On this screen you will also set a device password, which is the “master” password to your Go Connect. The device password you set is for making changes to your device. This is not the password you use to connect other devices and will only be asked for when launching the app. Do not share this password with others.

You can change this password in the future by going to the security tab in the GoTravel App.

Configuring Your Device

5. Enter A Name and Password For Your Priviate WiFI Network

The last step in the registration process is to set a name and password for your Go Connect private WiFi network. These details are yours to set. However, keep in mind if you ever decide you do want to allow friends or family to use your Go Connect internet connection you will need to share this password.

We do recommend setting this the same as your home WiFi network. However, doing so and using your Go Connect at home can cause some connection issues because your phone and other devices won’t know which network they are connecting to. However, by setting this to the same as your home network your devices will automatically connect to your Go Connect, even if you’ve never set them up. This is very helpful when traveling. It is particularly useful if you travel with devices like gaming consoles, Sonos and other smart speakers or smart assistants – which generally are not easy to otherwise connect to a new WiFi network when traveling.

You can view and share your Private WiFi network details from the main screen in your GoTravel App. You can change your Private WiFi network name and password from the Security tab in the GoTravel App.

Activation and Configuration Summary

Your configuration and activation is complete. A summary screen will display the Private WiFi network name, Private WiFi network password and the device (admin) password. Please remember these details, specifically the device password.

You will now be redirected to the login screen where you will use your device password to login.

Connecting Other Devices

You can connect any other devices – phones, tablets, laptops, smart speakers, smart assistants, streaming sticks and more more devices using the Private WiFI network details you configured during this process. Simply select the network name and enter the password you created. This is your private WiFi network. You can share it by sharing these details, but we recommend only doing so with people you trust.

If you need help setting up a specific type device, check out our list of guides for using your Go Connect with WiFi enabled or smart devices.


By the off chance your device has a problem during the registration process here are a few tips and tricks.

Registration Process Didn’t Start

We recommend connecting to your Go Connect’s WiFi network before starting the app for the fastest experience. Give it a few seconds at the login screen to start the registration process. If your app says “Connecting” the registration process will not start before this completes. The Go Connect device needs to be fully connected and ready before it can begin.

If it still doesn’t start, you can try logging in with the default device password of ‘goconnect’ (without the quotes).

If you still have trouble, we recommend you contact support.

Registration Process Didn’t Finish/Was Interrupted

Sometimes the registration process may be interrupted – either because you are unable to complete it or some other issue. Generally you can simply close and restart the app. The registration process will restart. If you still have trouble with the process not completing before.

My Device Registered But I Didn’t Set A Private WiFi Network Name

If your device registration succeeded but you skipped or didn’t complete the last step just login with the device password you set. You can then change or update the private WiFi network settings, including the name and password on the security screen.

My Activation Or Registration Failed

If you get any errors on registration or activation we recommend contacting support.