Paramount+ Launches March 4th, Replacing CBS All Access

Paramount+ Launches March 4th, Replacing CBS All Access

January 19, 2021 Travel Blog Travel Gaming Travel WiFi Blog 0

ViacomCBS announced today, as reported in Variety, that they will launch Paramount+ (Paramount Plus) on March 4th. While pitched as a new streaming entry, it will actually replace CBS All Access, which has been available since 2014.

Paramount+ promises to be more than just a rebrand of CBS All Access. While CBS All Access launched prior to many of the newer offerings, CBS appears to be planning a more substantial push into the streaming space. In addition to CBS All Access favorites such as Star Trek Discovery, they are also planning a host of new shows.

In addition to classic CBS fare, expect content from Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, BET and other Viacom properties. Paramount+ plans new shows including a series about the filming of the Godfather, a new series based on SpongeBob Squarepants and much more.

ViacomCBS is still expected to maintain their separate Showtime and last Pluto TV, which they acquired in 2019.

Paramount+, Showtime Go and Pluto TV for Travelers

For travelers specifically, this is move continuing the trend of cord cutting and streaming first TV and media consumption. While Showtime Go has shown up on Marriott internet TVs at select locations, there is not a lot of adoption of the ViacomCBS apps on hotel internet TVs.

However, there is hope that as ViacomCBS increases its investment in stream platforms you will find their apps more readily available at hotels and Airbnbs. Another area that may help for travelers is that Pluto TV, CBS All Access and Showtime all support Chromecast. Two major hotel chains are rolling out internet enabled TVs that work with Chromecast enabled apps. We certainly expect Paramount+ to support Chromecast at launch given the support from the other ViacomCBS apps.

What If My Hotel or Airbnb Doesn’t Have Paramount+?

If you wind up in a hotel without an internet TV, at a hotel without Paramount+ or are simply concerned about the security implications of using your login at a hotel or Airbnb, expect Paramount+ to be available on your favorite streaming sticks at some point shortly following launch.

Taking a streaming stick is a generally easy and secure way to enjoy your favorite streaming shows when traveling, regardless of whether your overnight destination supports your favorite streaming providers. A huge advantage of using a streaming stick for travel, rather than relying on the TVs provided is you’ll have all of your favorite streaming services without needing to enter your passwords again.

You only need three things to take your favorite streaming stick with you, ensuring you have Paramount+ while traveling. The first is your favorite stream stick, a TV with an HDMI port and available power, and finally we highly recommend a travel router.

Making Streaming On Travel WiFi Easy

It’s also a lot easier to take a streaming stick, as well as other internet connected devices such as gaming consoles (PS4/PS5, XBox, Nintendo Switch) and smart speakers (Sonos) if you have a travel router. A travel router will let you get past the captive portal once, instead of having to do it on every device. Some of these device won’t work at all if your hotel, RV park or Airbnb has a captive portal.