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Go Travel Pro SE Preview Waitlist

Go Connect is introducing a new variation of our most popular product.  The new Go Travel Pro SE will feature an external antenna port, allowing for longer range without the need for a booster.  Go Connect is seeking preview participants who have access to an external antenna who can test the device and provide any feedback.

This is a non-technical preview.  You do not need any special technical knowledge to participate. 

We are currently operating on a waitlist.

Preview Requirements

Preview participants must have access to an external antenna, such as Winegard, King or other externally attached cellular antenna.  Antenna must be for cellular devices and support all typical LTE bands.  Brand does not matter.

Go Travel Pro SE comes with a SMA connector.  You may need a connector or adapter.  If you are unsure if your antenna qualifies or will work, please see the support section for more details or assistance.  Go Connect cannot provide the external antenna for you.

Preview Costs and Terms

Returns Or Refunds

All returns, refunds and warranty periods, excluding service, will start at the end of the trial period. After the 30 day trial period you have 14 days to decide to keep or return the device, either without cost (existing owners) or for a full refund (new customers).

These costs and return policies are the entire remedy offered for this preview. Sales tax for Georgia residents will apply.

Device And Service Costs

The new device will come activated with 30 days of a SmartGo monthly plan (5GB) at no additional cost.

Existing Go Travel Pro Owners

Go Connect will provide the device as a free upgrade. We will ship the device to you.

The new device will come activated with 30 days of a SmartGo monthly plan (5GB) at no additional cost.  Your existing device and SmartGo subscription will not be impacted. 

New Go Connect Customers

Go Connect will offer you the device for 50% off retail price of $174.99 ($87.49).  Device will ship after invoice is paid.  

The device will include 30 days of SmartGo monthly (5GB) plan at no additional cost.  There is no obligation to continue with service.

Feedback Requested

Go Connect seeks feedback on what was needed to connect your external antenna to the device, how the device performed (particularly compared to the original device for existing customers) and any feedback, problems or suggestions.

The preview is expected to last 30 days. Preview program spots are limited and are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.


Have questions or need help?  Check out our Preview Program support form at the bottom of the page.  You can reach out to our team and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you have before, during or after the preview program.

Questions And Support

Preview Waitlist Signup And Acceptance

By signing up below you agree you meet the requirements of the preview program, understand and agree to any costs or obligations and agree to Go Connect’s terms of service. 

We are currently operating on a waitlist.  As we need respondants we will work our way through the list.  Signing up does not guarantee particiption and only puts you on the wait list.

Terms Of Service

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    Preview Support

    Go Connect will gladly provide limited preview support for getting your external antenna attached.  We are available to help review and validate your antenna, as well as help you figure out connections needed.

    We cannot guarantee that we can include you or solve all connection questions or problems.

    If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us on the support form below.