May 2020 Development Blog

May 2020 Development Blog

May 13, 2020 News 0

Welcome to our very first DEV (Development) Blog. Our goal with these is to keep you informed on what the product development team is doing here at Go Connect. I know you are excited to see the line of products that we will began releasing later this year. We are too.

Hundreds of hours a week go into developing products like these. While we can’t get too deep into the details, it will give you some insight into what we are doing. You’ll see a development blog at least once a month but likely more frequently as we make more progress.

What We Are Working On

Product Design

May has been an exciting month. The marketing team has finished initial product design. These product designs are found throughout the website. While we expect some changes as we finalize our hardware design, expect the final product to retain the look and feel of these designs.

Hardware (Device) Engineering

The hardware engineering team has nearly completed the device software for our upcoming Alpha testing phase. There are a number of bugs are still being fixed and API changes are still being made. However, we are excited to see the product get out of the engineering side and into hands of people who will travel and use it.

In addition, the hardware engineers have been hard at work at wireless chip selection. As part of our Alpha test we’re moving forward with several “finalist” chips. The goal here is to understand how the performance and power differences impact the experience of the users.

Software (App) Engineering

Our mobile app and software is functionally complete. The software engineering team is primarily working on bugs and making adjustments in response to changes from the hardware engineering team.

While our QA testers are primarily driving us crazy with their testing cycle, it’s a necessary step.

Up next is end to end testing once the device engineers finish the software running on the device and we get to see a complete, on the go experience in the hands of end users.

Business/Organization and Marketing

Our big news this month is that you are even reading this. We launched the website, which is the next step in moving from product development to sales.

In addition our content marketing team is busy working on blog posts about using travel technology on the go. While Go Connect solves a number of problems, a router still needs streaming sticks, tablets, laptops and phones to connect to. All of those play a role in the travel experience.