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    With Go Connect you can easily bring your devices along as you move between locations.

    It’s like your WiFi network at home, but portable.

    Go Connect does this by creating a private WiFI network for you and your devices.  We then add in the option of always on security, LTE and optimization to help ensure reliable WIFi on the go.

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    * Some features require a subscription

    Go Connect Products

    The first and only travel WiFi products designed entirely for easy, reliable and secure use on the go.

    Go Travel

    69.99 Plus free shipping

    Easy to use travel router with available integrated security, WiFi optimization and more.   Take all of your favorite devices when you travel including streaming, smart speakers and smart assistants.

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    * Optional security and optimization features require a SmartGo subscription

    Go Travel Pro

    139.99 plus free shipping

    A hotspot with router capabilities.  Built in cellular for when you need it, either as a backup or when WiFi isn’t available.  Plus all of our data plans include integrated security, WiFi optimization and more.

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    * Go Travel Pro requires a SmartGo Cellular subscription

    Go Connect Is Easy Enough For Everyone 

    It’s easy enough for anyone in the family.  Your Go Connect is controlled by our GoTravel Mobile App.  It’s really that easy.

    WiFi or LTE

    WiFi when it’s available, LTE when it’s needed.  Use less data by easily adding a WiFi connection when it’s available.  Your Go Connect will automatically use the best connection, or even both*

    Integrated Security

    All Go Connect’s with any SmartGo plan includes integrated security. See at a glance whether you are connected to a secure network. Or better yet, let us make a secure connection out of any connection. Public, semi-private or cellular.

    We’ve Got You Covered

    For Go Travel Pros our no contract data plans feature high speed LTE data throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico for one monthly cost.  Plus all of our plans include security, which most providers charge extra for.

    No Contract Data Plans

    Need more?

    The only Smart Travel WiFi device, great plans, integrated security, and ease of use not enough?  Don’t worry, we’ve got more.

    Always Free Shipping

    Free shipping anywhere in the United States.  Always.

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    You’ll Love It Guarantee

    Money back guarantee if you don’t love your Go Connect.

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    We’re always available to answer your questions or hear your feedback.

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