Labor Day 2020 Travel Trends

Labor Day 2020 Travel Trends

September 4, 2020 Travel Blog Travel Tech Blog 0

This years Labor Day is going to feel vastly different than 2019 for most people. However, it doesn’t mean Americans won’t be traveling. In fact, AAA recently estimated that there was a lot of last minute interest in Labor Day travel.

However, this year unlike in years past travel will feel different. First, AAA notes that 98% of Labor Day travelers plan to drive. This is up from 91% on a normal year.

Just how far off from normal is air travel? A recently report for NYC area airports show Labor Day travel is down 70% or higher at NYC area airports compared to 2019. However, this numbers are still up from being 90% down at the peak of the pandemic in April.

If you do head out this holiday weekend expect gas prices to be a little bit higher. While we have all enjoyed the lower gas prices that have come with the decline in travel, economically this is probably a good sign that demand is increasing.

Regardless of if or how you have travel, travel safely and enjoy your holiday weekend. And if you find yourself working, thank you for being there so others may enjoy their weekend.