It’s Happening – Pre-Sales Are Open

It’s Happening – Pre-Sales Are Open

October 8, 2021 News 0

The process to develop a truly unique product in an industry that is filled with highly technical products is always a long road. After a long time developing, tweaking and adjusting we are finally here. Go Connect’s line of smart travel WiFi products are now available for purchase.

Our goal when we set out to start Go Connect was to do something different. Rather than continue the path of single purpose cellular hotspots and overly technical travel routers, we wanted to develop a product that actually worked the way people travel. What we found is that hotspots only served the purpose of making you use data. And travel routers were great, but they required you to be a techie to use. And despite the name, they really were terrible at moving to different places.

With all of this in mind, the launch of Go Connect pre-sales isn’t a destination. It’s the start. There so much more on the horizon for Go Connect. Everything we do here is to make travel WiFi easier. By breaking the mold of the industry, we are going to accomplish:

  • Making using your favorite phones, tablets, laptops, streaming sticks, smart speaker and gaming consoles as easy to use when traveling as at home.
  • Ensure you can use WiFi on the go securely
  • Get connected

How does Go Connect accomplish this? By being smart.

  • We created a whole new interface that focuses on what you are trying to do: get connected. We make moving between different locations easy.
  • We’ve build machine learning technology to work to optimize and enhance WiFI connections
  • We select the best cellular provider available, and we plan to add even more in the future. Our long term goal is to use all of the major carriers with 1 simple plan so you don’t have wonder which carrier has the best signal or performance.
  • By building a community and listening to our customers. We want to hear from you!
  • We will be constantly releasing new features and enhancements. But everything we do will be to make your travel WiFi experience easier, more reliable or more secure. Always. Do the other products do that? With most you are probably lucky they will fix a problem.

Go Connect is made for traveler who want to stay connected. It’s for RVers and #VanLife. It’s for business travelers who spend the week on the road. It’s for families who want to stay connected. Its for glampers who find gazing at the stars and watching movies are both part of the outdoor experience.

We are sure you’ll love our device we have a you’ll love it money back guarantee. All we ask is if you are not satisfied you tell us why so we can make it better.