Introducing SmartGo Business Plans

Introducing SmartGo Business Plans

December 6, 2022 Mobile Business Internet Blog News Product Updates 0

Go Connect is excited to launch our SmartGo Plus Cellular Business plans. Go Connect’s SmartGo Plus Cellular Business plans are true business class data plans designed to support your mobile business needs. These plans offer unique business centric features and sizing. All with our same easy to buy, easy to use and easy to manage approach. Like all Go Connect plans, they feature no contracts, no membership fees, no sign up fees. Not even an activation fee.

Go Connect’s new SmartGo Business plans are available now. Plans start at $39.99 a month. Plan options include up to 100GB of high speed data.

Business Class Mobile Internet

Go Connect’s SmartGo Plus Cellular Business plans are designed to be business class mobile internet. Our plans feature key business features such as low overhead connections to our carrier partners. We leverage our carrier partners enterprise infrastructure, which is many cases features less latency than traditional third party cellular connections. In addition, it allows us to use towers from multiple carriers throughout the US.

On top of that we feature plans that include up to 100GB of data. We sized this plans to be right amount of data of more sustained use of video conferencing, which is a must for mobile businesses, remote workers and digital nomads, and those returning to regular business travel.

Finally, we add in our already business friendly features such as included security (often a extra fee with traditional and other third party mobile internet companies).

Designed For Video Conferencing

Go Connect’s focus with our SmartGo Business plans was to support video and audio conferencing on the go. Platforms like Zoom and Teams have become a core part of doing business on the go. We focused latency and connection quality, along with data plans sized around the higher usage demands of video.

Pairs With Our Smart Hotspot Line

Our new business data plans are designed to pair with our smart cellular hotspot products. Featuring our most popular device, the Go Travel Pro, which is simple, smart and capable. It also includes the Go Travel Pro SE, one of the most affordable cellular hotspots that features the ability to add an external antenna for extended range.