Introducing Go Travel Lite and SmartGo Starter

Introducing Go Travel Lite and SmartGo Starter

July 28, 2022 News Product Updates 0

Introducing Our Most Affordable Way To Get Internet On The Go

Go Connect is excited to introduce a new product and data plan that marks our most affordable offering yet.

The Go Travel Lite is based on our most popular product, the Go Travel Pro.  Streamlined yet powerful, the Go Travel Lite is an affordable smart cellular hotspot.  The Go Travel Lite is a complete. all in one device with everything you need to get connected to the internet when on the go.  The Go Travel Lite is available now for $99.99 and includes free shipping.

The device pairs perfectly with any of our SmartGo Data plans.  But it goes best with our new SmartGo Starter plan that is just $24.99 a month.  Like all of our SmartGo data plans, it never has contracts.  You can start, stop, upgrade or downgrade your plan each month.  Plus there are never any signup, membership or activation fees.