How To Setup An Apple HomePod For Use With Your Go Connect

How To Setup An Apple HomePod For Use With Your Go Connect

January 7, 2022 Traveling With Smart Devices 0

We are doing a series of blog posts illustrating how to use your Go Connect to take over 15 different WiFi enabled devices with you when traveling. Our goal is to help you get the most of your Go Travel Router and Go Travel Pro Cellular Hotspot Router product.

In this article we describe how the few steps needed to use your Apple HomePod Smart Speaker when traveling. By using your Go Connect with your Apple HomePod you will be able to fully control your Apple HomePod speaker, just like at home, including Siri assistant and fully control from your iPhone. This includes all models, including the HomePod and HomePod Mini.

Apple HomePod With Your Go Connect

To get the most out of your Apple HomePod when traveling with your Go Connect we recommend following these steps

Getting Started

Prior to walkthrough these steps be sure you have not yet powered up your Apple HomePod speaker.

Recommended: Use The Same WiFi Network Name You Use At Home

Step 1: Name Your Go Connect The Same As Your Home Network

We recommend naming your Go Gocnnect the same as your home WIFi network, including the same network name and password. Be sure the case (upper cases and lower cases) of the name and password are identical.

You can see our tips and trick page on how to change your Go Connect private network name.

If you’ve already named your Go Connect network the same as your network at home, continue.

Note: Naming your network the same as your home network while at home can cause confusion. We recommend you do this the first time you travel.

Step 2: Connect Your Go Connect To The Internet (for non-cellular versions)

If you have a Go Travel (non-cellular version) of a Go Connect, you will need to connect your Go Connect device to the internet. Simlpy launch the Go Travel App and join the WiFi network at your hotel, Airbnb, RV park or other location.

Step 3: Turn On Your Apple HomePod

Once your Go Connect is fully configured (including restarting if needed) and connected to the internet, go ahead and power on your Apple HomePod speaker.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Apple HomePod

Your Apple HomePod will startup and find your Go Connect network. You can control your Apple HomePod with your iPhone or Siri, just like at home.

Using A Different Network Name Or Configuring A New HomePod

If you are a full time RVer or other user who may not have a “home network” or have a new Apple HomePod device, you will need to go through the setup process to connect to your Go Connect. Then repeat steps 2-4 above as you change locations. Because your Go Connect network name does not change even when your location does, you will only need to setup your Apple HomePod the first time.

1. Connect your iPhone to your Go Connect network and ensure it is connected to the internet (either with a cellular Go Travel Pro or by connecting to an internet connection with a Go Travel).

2. Unplug the Home Pod for at least 5 seconds (this may already be done if the power was off while traveling to the hotel)

3. Plug the Home Pod back in and wait 5 more seconds

4. Touch and hold the button at the until you hear multiple beeps

5. The Home Pod should announce it will reset. The reset process should take about 1-2 minutes.

6. Within Bluetooth range (under 30 feet, but as close as possible to be sure) touch setup on the popup screen when the phone detects the Home Pod device.

7. Setup the Home Pod including “transferring” the WiFi settings using your Go Connect network..

Troubleshooting and Other Home Pod Connection Scenarios

iPhone Not On Your Private WiFi Network

If your Apple HomePod can connect to the internet, but your iPhone can’t find your Apple HomePod it the most common issue is that your phone has gotten disconnected from your private Go Connect network.