HearHere – Road Trip Streaming Audio Guide Led by Kevin Costner

HearHere – Road Trip Streaming Audio Guide Led by Kevin Costner

April 5, 2021 Family Internet Travel Blog Travel WiFi Blog 0

The great America road trip. Once and always a stable of the family vacation. Whether it’s an extended trip to Grandmas, or a drive to Disneyworld or that coming of age visit to Washington DC – it has and will always be a part of American life.

While trips and travel are changing for many Americas. Flying is cheaper and more convenient than ever, even with COVID impacts. Cruising has never been more popular. Skiiing and adventure travel also are. Still, regardless of the type of trip, road trips will forever be a part of America culture.

So its no surprise a recently launched iPhone app, HearHere, hopes to capitalize on that. HearHere is an iPhone app that lets you find interesting markers and destinations along your route. It presents audio guides and information based on your interests – from history, to colorful characters to sports, even music. You can stream the guides in real time or download them as you plan your trip.

What makes HearHere even more interesting is that it was narrated by Kevin Costner, who is also an investor.

I am the guy that stops at the historical markers along the highway—usually bringing moans from everyone in the car. But it was this continuing curiosity that I began to think HearHere could satisfy without anyone having to leave the car. Why couldn’t we replicate every marker along the highway—even expanding from the usual paragraph in bronze that always left me wanting more.

Kevin Costner

HearHere has hundreds of locations along popular road trip routes. They are adding more regularly. The most recent additions include Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia. The app can send you notifications automatically when you are near locations that may be interesting to you.

The app is simple to use. You download it, select your interests and then view a map. On the map will be relevant stories for you to listen to. Looking for ways to save data? You can download the stories to listen to later or stream them live if you have available data or a Travel WiFi device in your vehicle.

You’ll start with a free trial of HearHere. If you like it you can sign up for a subscription which runs $35 a year (about $3 a month).