Half Of America Wants Satellite Internet

Half Of America Wants Satellite Internet

January 18, 2021 Travel Gaming Travel Tech Blog Travel WiFi Blog 0

Today, less than 5% of all internet is delivered by satellite. Saddled by high prices, complicated and highly technical equipment coupled with slow speeds with latency (delay); satellite internet is considered a last resort.

Starlink has been working to change that. And based on a recent survey by reviews.org and reported by PC Mag, not only are they very likely to change our experience with satellite internet, it may take it from step child to favorite kid status. Assuming it can fulfill on it’s promises.

Their survey found that 51% of Americas plan to sign up at some point in the future. This is despite the fact that at $99 a month the price is higher than most home internet services.

The expectation of gig internet is not likely to come true right away, however, even at the current typical 100mbps speed it’s still much faster than most rural internet services. It’s also is a better value.

The major drivers to switch are high quality streaming, the rise of video conferencing for work and personal life as well as for online gaming. Gaming and video conferencing specifically suffer from current satellite high latency (high delay). This is one area where Starlink is already making a noticeable difference – delivering on lower latency (and delay).

Satellite internet promises to be so compelling that we named it one of our three technologies that will revolutionize travel. It’s clear we are not the only ones who feel that way.

Satellite Internet for Travel

Unfortunately we are still a ways off before Starlink becomes viable for every day travel. The promise of high speed, low latency internet anywhere we go without worrying about bad hotel WiFi, Airbnb WiFi outages or even cellular service isn’t here yet. But it may be coming.

Given the need for an aimed dish, this won’t be a portable, take anywhere solution anytime soon. However, for RV WiFi users its services and options could be available as soon as 2022. Auto aiming dishes that can fit on top of an RV or carried and setup for an extended stay are already in development. Once Starlink reaches enough coverage expect these products to become more readily available.

For truly portable travel WiFi needs, maximizing wired connections with intelligent travel routers or cellular hotspots will remain the norm. At least for a few more years.