Go Router – WiFi 6 Travel Router

WiFi 6 (AX) Travel Router

Easily connect all of your devices, stream even on poor WiFi and secure any public WiFi connection.   The first WiFi 6 Travel Router, only from Go Connect.

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Easy Enough For Anyone

Take all of your favorite WiFi enable devices when you travel.  Phones, laptops, streaming sticks, smart speakers and more.  So easy everyone in your family can use it.  Dad, Mom, Kids, Grandparents.


Use any WiFi network with peace of mind

Use your Go Connect anywhere on the go and you’ll have piece of mind.

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* Feature requires optional subscription

Stream Even On Poor WiFi

The Go Travel with SmartBoost will help improve even poor WiFi you might experience while traveling.  


* Feature requires optional subscription

Real Solutions To Travel WiFi

Supports All Your Devices

Connect more devices including streaming sticks, tablets, smart speakers, phones, laptops and anything else quickly as easily.  

WiFi Boost

Make any WiFi connection on the go faster with SmartBoost.  Only Go Connect can make your hotel, airport, RV park or other WiFi connection faster and better.  Automatically.

Business Or Pleasure

More reliable internet not only means producitvity, but Go Travel helps  ensure your can stream your favorite shows when away from home.  

Work From Anywhere

No more worrying about your internet connection at hotels, Airbnbs or RV parks.  You can truly work from anywhere.

It Just Works

Go Travel just works.  Use existing WiFi connections, and when that isn’t good enough Go Travel can use your phone’s hotspot connection to ensure you have reliable internet just about anywhere.

App Controlled

No clunky configuration interfaces here.  Go Travel is easily setup with our mobile application.  You’ll get online fast no matter where you are.