Go Connect Travel WiFi Products FAQ – January 2021

Go Connect Travel WiFi Products FAQ – January 2021

February 19, 2021 News 0

Have questions about Go Connect products? We have answers. In our new monthly series we will be answering common questions specifically about our line of Travel WIFi products. Have a question you want answered that are not covered here? Reach out and and we’ll be glad to answer it.


Q1: When Do Pre-Sales Start?

Q2: What Are Your Prices Going To Be?

We expect Pre-Sales to start in the coming weeks around the end of the quarter (March 2021). You can be the first to know about pre-sales by joining our founders club. There is no cost or obligation, and you’ll receive special offers when we do release out product. Pricing will be released at pre-sales.

Q: How long after pre-sales start before I receive my Go Connect product?

We will not be starting pre-sales until we are confident that your device will arrive in 30-45 days from the start of pre-sales.


Q: Do I Own My Own Device?

Yes, you own the devices your purchase from us. Unlike some providers there are no “membership” , “sign on” or other fees up front. There is never anything to “return”.

Q: Are Subscriptions Required?

Our travel router device core features will always be fully functioning without any subscription or future purchase. Some advanced features, such as security and boosting (enhancing) require a subscription.

Our cellular hotspot router devices will function as a travel router without an ongoing subscription. However, advanced features such as boosting and security, as well as cellular connectivity will require a subscription.

Cellular Data Plans

Q: Is There A Contract?

Go Connect cellular data plans do not have a contract. There is no penalty if you need to end or suspend your service.

We do offer some special bundles and packages allowing you to buy several months of service at a discounted price. These packages will not have a traditional cellular contract but may have their own terms and conditions. These bundles are optional and are never required to have service with Go Connect. Bundles also will never obligate you to future service beyond the bundle period.

Q: Can I Use My Own Data Plan?

Go Connect devices have proprietary technology that manage, boost and secure your cellular travel WiFi connection for the optimal experience. Because of this we require you get a cellular data plan from us.

Q: What Are The Details Of Your Plans

Go Connect is offering two plans initially. Our most popular is designed for low data users who need cellular as a backup or are comfortable using WiFi primarily. These plan users generally want cellular to ensure a connection is always available or to enhance performance without being a big expense. The second is targeted at higher use users who need cellular connections as a primary way to connect, but want to be able to use WiFi when available to help them increase speeds or offset higher data usage.

You can read more about our No Contract Cellular Data Plans

Q: How Are Your Plans Different?

Our plans, like our devices, are different because they designed them intentionally for how they are used when traveling. Most customers we’ve spoken to have made it clear – they either want to be unbounded from worrying about data, letting the device manage the experience to limit overages – or they wanted a low cost option that allowed them to remain connected as a backup when WiFi wasn’t available, or when they really needed it without having to pay a larger monthly fee for data from a traditional carrier.

Privacy and Security

Q: Do you collect and/or sell my information?

Go Connect collects some generic usage information that we use to identify and improve wireless connections. However, we do not collect uniquely identifiable data. We also will not sell your individually identifiable data to any third parties. We only use the information to enhance our products.

Q: Does Your Product Include VPN?

Go Connect’s integrated SmartSecurity is similar in concept to a VPN. However, we use machine learning to secure your connection in the most useable way. Therefore we may different from traditional VPN services that route all traffic through a VPN. We feel our security will be highly secure but vastly easier to use, with fewer downsides.

Integrated SmartSecurity is included with all of our SmartGo Plans for both our Go Travel Router and Go Travel Pro Cellular Hotspot Router.