Go Connect Smart Travel WiFi Products Available Now

Go Connect Smart Travel WiFi Products Available Now

November 1, 2021 News 0

The first and only smart travel WiFi products intentionally and entirely designed for easy, reliable and secure use on the go.

With Go Connect’s products, users can easily bring their devices along as they move between locations. Go Connect does this by creating a private WiFI network for you and your devices. It’s like your WiFi network at home, but portable.

Atlanta, GA – November 01, 2021

Go Connect has announced that it has begun selling its line of Smart Travel WiFi products, bringing a unique perspective to a stale industry. With Go Connect’s line of products the customer and travel are the focus, not data plans or complicated technology.

Go Connect’s founding team set out to solve the biggest challenge facing the multi-billion-dollar travel WiFi market: most of the other products currently available are highly segmented and focused on selling cellular data. Go Connect’s approach is unique, focusing on the customer experience and the specific needs of travelers: regularly moving between locations, the desire to bring WiFi enabled devices from home and ensure the reliability and security of their connection.

In addition, Go Connect’s approach is uniquely qualified to address the changing needs of cellular hotspot and travel router users. Lifestyle changes in the last few years have led many buyers to seek a solution that enables a more mobile existence while working remotely, known as ‘digital nomading’. These digital nomads have leveraged the increased opportunities working from anywhere to approach life differently. In the United States alone there are estimated to be more than 10 million digital nomads.

At The Intersection Of Work and Leisure

While the vast majority of previous hotspot users were often business travelers, the changing trend in travel is towards digital workers who rely portable internet for all of their work activities. Many digital nomads have access to WiFi at RV parks, hotels, campgrounds or short-term home rentals, there remains a need to ensure a highly reliable connection due to the inconsistency the connection at these locations. Go Connect allows users to leverage WiFi when available for higher speeds and less costly data consumption, while offering LTE as a backup or even to augment poor Internet. This helps ensure a more stable and secure Internet connection.

Along with these work connectivity needs, most Americans now get a significant form of their entertainment through the Internet. The value of stable connections while on the go is more important than ever. When travelers’ entire lives are on the road they bring the comforts of home with them. This includes streaming media, smart speaker, and smart assistants. Many of these devices do not work properly on RV park, hotel, campground or short-term home rental WiFi. However, with Go Connect’s products, users can easily bring any of their devices along as they move between locations. Go Connect does this by creating a private WiFI network for you and your devices. It’s like your WiFi network at home, but portable.

Ease Of Use

Go Connect stands out from other companies for its ease of use. Their focus is on allowing anyone to take their favorite WiFi enabled devices when traveling, this is the centerpiece of their product offering. The best part is that Go Connect’s devices require no technical knowledge to use.

Go Connect’s mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices, allows Go Connect users to quickly get connected to WIFi at their destinations, even if they change daily. In addition users can quickly share their Go Connect internet connection with a QR Code or a text message.


Security is always a concern when connecting to public or semi-private WiFi networks like hotels, short term home rentals or campgrounds. Go Connect devices feature integrated security, allowing you to protect any WiFi connection. Their unique SmartSecurity system offers a superior experience to traditional VPN by being easier to use and focused on the most critical data that needs to be secured. Go Connect’s SmartSecurity avoids the overhead and hassle you might experience with traditional WiFi security solutions.


For users that opt to add the optional cellular connectivity, Go Connect offers several no contract data plans. Go Connect’s goal is to help users take advantage of available WiFi while limiting cost and coverage issues often associated with cellular plans. By combining both cellular and WiFi, when available, users can experience better speeds and higher reliability than only using one. And Go Connect does this automatically.

Go Connect’s data network is provided by multiple Tier 1 cellular carriers and features coverage throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. In addition, Go Connect plans to add more carriers, including additional international carriers, in the near future.

Product Availability

Go Connect products are available for purchase now on the Go Connect website. The Go Connect GoTravel App is available for download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Some features are only available with a subscription.


About Go Connect

Go Connect was founded in the Atlanta area to focus on bringing easy to use, reliable and secure Internet to travelers. Founded by travelers who have first-hand experience of the challenges and limitations of travel WiFi, Go Connect set out to be different by centering the experience around the customer rather than the technology.

Go Connect is led by a team of people with experience in business, telecom, customer experience and technology. In addition, Go Connect is backed by funding from Homefield Equity and REC Group.


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