Go Connect Products Announced

Go Connect Products Announced

July 20, 2020 News 0

Today Go Connect announces the official launching of the name and key features of our two initial products. Go Connect provides leading Travel Routers and Cellular Hotspots designed to make WiFi on the go easy, reliable and secure.

With Go Travel Pro we are launching our cellular hotspot with travel router features. Go Travel Pro helps you get all of the internet you need on the go but adding cellular to our power travel router features. Now

Our announcement includes Go Travel, our Travel Router product which makes WiFi connections at hotels, Airbnb’s, airports, RV parks, coffee shops or on the go locations more reliable and more secure.

In addition to our products, every Go Connect product includes our unique smart features:

SmartConnect – the easiest and fastest way to get connected to WiFi. No clunky interfaces here. SmartConnect gets your travel router and devices online within seconds.

SmartTraffic – make any WiFi connection better with SmartTraffic. SmartTraffic makes WiFi more reliable by lowering latency and providing smoother streaming. It can even use the built in cellular connection in Go Travel Pro, or your phone or existing hotspot whit Go Travel, when WiFi doesn’t perform well enough

SmartSecurity – integrated SmartSecurity makes any WiFi connection secure without the downsides of traditional VPN.