Go Connect Product Update 12/9/21 (1.6.3)

Go Connect Product Update 12/9/21 (1.6.3)

December 8, 2021 Product Updates 0


Your Go Connect device is designed around the idea of regular updates. Not only do updates allow us to correct reported issues, but it also allows us to add new Smart features to your Travel WiFi device.

The 12/9/21 update contains mostly minor updates and performance improvements.

New Features

Faster WiFi Connections – your Go Connect device will now connect to WiFI networks much more quickly. This will make it easier to use WiFi at hotels, Airbnbs, campgrounds and RV parks more easily in lieu of cellular.

Enhanced Connection Stability Intelligence – with the latest update devices will now more intelligently adapt to crowded WIFI environments. This update improves stability of the WiFi connection.

Bug Fixes

Better Automatic Connection Handling – the latest update handles automatic connections better

Validation Fixes – several improvements to form validation were implemented

Improved Activity Messaging – Messaging around the activity the mobile app is performing has been improved to give users a better idea of what is happening and how long it may take.

Improved Error Messages – improvement clarity of some terminology used in the app to make it easier to understand.

Inaccurate “Update Available” Messaging – a correction was made to the logic when the device notifies you that an upgrade is available.


The Go Connect 12/9/2021 Update is available now. You can get the latest by updating your mobile app via Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. We highly recommend having automatic updates enabled for your GoTravel App.

You can update your Go Connect device by going to the security screen or by clicking the profile icon in the upper left hand corner. Scroll down to Device Settings section and click upgrade. Upgrading your Go Connect device may take several minutes. The device will be unavailable during the upgrade process, so we recommend upgrading it during a time when it isn’t critical.


IF you have an issue with your Go Connect, including any software updates please reach out via our Support page.