Go Connect Ask Me Anything

Go Connect Ask Me Anything

April 21, 2021 News Travel WiFi Blog 0

As Go Connect moves closer to opening our pre-sale and delivering devices, we wanted to take an opportunity to take with our supporters. So we are going to be hosting an “Ask Me Anything” this week.

Not familiar with the concept of an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”)? They are pretty simple. It’s an opportunity for an internet community to ask questions of a company, expert or other thought leader.

You can ask about our upcoming Smart Travel WiFi products, about travel tech in general or even where we are going as a company. Want to talk features? No problem? Want to know what we will be offering in the future? Ask away. Questions about service, product, development, ownership, team? Anything, just ask.

You can easily engage with us in any of the following ways:

Via our contact page: Contact Us

Via Facebook: Go Connect Facebook Page

Tweet @ Us: Go Connect on Twitter

Instagram: Go Connect on Instagram

On Reddit: Go Connect on r/TravelRouter

We will be posting the questions and answers Monday May 3rd right here via our blog so you will not only get the answer to your question, but to others.