Go Connect AMA Answers

Go Connect AMA Answers

May 5, 2021 News Travel Tech Blog Travel WiFi Blog 0

Go Connect recently hosted an “Ask Me Anything” (also known as an AMA) prior to our pre-sales. The goal was to answer any questions from those who have been following us. Our goal here at Go Connect was always to build a product that solved the travel WiFi needs of travelers. So many of the products that exist today are designed to meet the needs of a cell phone company trying to sell the maximum amount of data, or made for as an easy repurposing of an existing product.

Q: How Does Go Connect Differ From Other Products?

A: Go Connect is different from existing travel routers and hotspots in a few key ways.

  1. Go Connect devices are simpler to use. Many products, including the cheap knock offs on Amazon, could be configured to reproduce some of the unique features of our Go Connect devices. However, in order to so you would need understand how to setup, configure and even program technology devices. You’d also need to be highly technical to achieve the same results.
  2. Go Connect devices have machine learning. The more of them in use, the more they learn and can enhance WiFi connections on the go. This means more reliable connections. This is not something you could duplicate on your own.
  3. For our Go Travel Pro product it can use both the WIFi and cellular at the same time. This can mean a more reliable connection, a faster connection and even less data consumption. Most hotspot devices can only use one or the other, and even if they have both WiFi and cellular capabilities they are often one or the other at a time.

Q: What Are Your Device Prices? What About Your Data Plans?

A: Our devices retail for $59.99 for the Go Travel, the non-cellular version. The Go Travel Pro is $139.99, which has built in cellular version. Our data plans start at $39.99 for low data plan and go up to $84.99 for high data.

You can save even more by joining our Founders Club. You’ll have access to coupons that provide up to 50% off of our devices and services.

Q: Whose Cell Towers Do You Use?

A: Go Connect uses multiple Tier 1 carriers and we plan to add more in the future. We are launching with AT&T and US Cellular, in addition to others. Our data plans have coverage throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. Coverage in all areas is included in our data plans.

Q: Will Your Device Help Me Avoid Paying For A Private Connection At My Co-Working Office?

A: In many cases yes. Our Go Connect devices make a private connection out of any public or semi-private WiFi network, like a Co-Working location. This will provide an added layer of security at coworking, airports, hotels and other locations. Plus, it can help you limit interruptions from outages by using our built in cellular version as a backup.

Q: Can Your Device Help Me Connect A Nest Max/Sonos/Alexa To A Public WiFi Network?

A: Absolutely. Coworking, Hotels and Airbnbs are popular places to want smart speakers and smart assistants. Most won’t work on a WiFi network other than your home network. They can also be difficult to move around. Even fewer work with captive portals, those popup screens for terms and conditions or more information you see when joining semi-private WiFi networks. The Go Connect devices absolutely allow you to use those kinds of devices outside of your house or main office.

Q: Is There Data To Backup Your Claims?

A: Yes, and we will be publishing it very soon. We don’t want to publish claims we can’t back up so we haven’t posted them yet. Still, in some of our product development blog posts we’ve covered some of the improvements we’ve seen. More specifics will be announced very soon. We will have some documented potential benefits prior to starting pre-sales.

Q: Does your device have ethernet capability?

A: Our devices do not have an ethernet port. In our research fewer and fewer places offered an ethernet connection. Not including one simplified the product. However, if this is an interest to you we’d love to hear from you so we can add it in a future product.

Q: Does your device have an external antenna port?

A: We considered adding an external antenna port, and will likely include one in a future version. However, the first Go Travel Pro will not feature an external cellular antenna port. However, if this is an interest to you we’d love to hear from you so we can add it in a future product.