Ask Us Anything – December Edition

Ask Us Anything – December Edition

December 7, 2021 Travel WiFi Product FAQs 0

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Travel WIFI Products

Q: I keep hearing about other companies logistics issues and slow delivery times.  How is that impacting Go Connect?
A: Go Connect is not experiencing any logistics issues.  We have devices in stock and ready to ship in our warehouse in Atlanta, GA.  Orders ship in 1-2 business days and with free ground shipping you will generally get your device in 2-4 business days from shipping.  We do advise because of the volume of packages being shipped you order a little earlier when shopping for the holidays to be on the safe side.

Q: What is your data plan coverage like?  Which towers do you use?
A: Our data plans operate on AT&T and US Cellular.  Your device will pick the best carrier based on availability.  We also plan to add more carriers in the future.  And unlike other companies, there is no “Red/Blue/Purple” plan to pick the carriers.  With Go Connect our device finds and uses the best carrier.

Q: What’s the catch with the free trial?
A: No catch – we have a 14 day free trial of our data plan with the purchase of a Go Travel Pro device.  You can try it out, including using data.  Once the trial is over you can continue on, upgrade the plan if you need more data or suspend your subscription until you need more data.  And in the unusual case the device just doesn’t work for you, you can return it for a full refund.

Q: What’s the difference between the Go Travel and the Go Travel Pro?
A: Simple – the difference is the Go Travel Pro has a built in cellular chip and is designed to work with our data plans.  The Go Travel is designed to work with, and secure, existing WiFi connections at hotels, RV parks, Airbnbs and other locations.  The Go Travel Pro can also use any of these WiFi networks, so if you find a location that has great WiFi you can use it instead of data.  Or in some cases you may be somewhere with WiFi, but cell signal isn’t great – like interiors of larger hotels.  Some features may require a subscription.

Go Ahead, Ask Us Anything

Have questions?  Reply to this email or contact us we’ll be glad to answer them.  So go ahead, ask us anything.

How Is Go Connect Different? 

It’s Built Into Who We Are

We built Go Connect to solve the problem with Travel WiFi  that most Travel WiFi devices aren’t really designed for travel.  

Travel WiFi devices are generally designed to sell you as much data as possible.  With our products we actually want to help you use less data and while maximizing flexibility. 

Unlike a lot of companies you don’t have to carry the plan indefinitely.  You can cancel and restart at any time through your My Go panel.

Our products come with a you’ll love it guarantee.Every one of our plans includes all of our security, ease of use and smart features.  Security and simplicity are core to our product.  Why pay extra for a VPN service?

Our products will be regularly updated with new features that make travel WiFi easier.  Our devices are designed to be updated.